Testimonial: I just had a huge, ginormous, break through with my 7yo daughter…

I just got this note today from Chrissy, a mom from my tapping groups, and it made my heart swell. Just wanted to share it with you, especially those of you who have small children.

“After my 1st group tapping session I could see how much tapping could help her nervous, anxious, worried little body. I tried and tried to find a way to get her to tap with me, even watched videos of other kids tapping, nothing was working!

Early this morning I thought of Teddy Ruxpin, (a talking teddy bear from the late 80’s), and how he would read along with the kids. I thought, dang, I wish they made a “Tapping 🧸 Teddy”! Then I thought, “Why can’t I make one?” My daughter Elsie just happens to have a stuffy that we often add essential oils to and he is comforting to her. Today that bear turned into “Tapping Teddy“. Elsie tapped along with Teddy and was able to find some significant relief, and would like Teddy to tap with her tonight at bedtime (we tapped on sleep)! 😮 

She has also come up with a back story for Teddy and he has some friends (other stuffed animals) who might like to learn to tap too. Elsie really wants to write children’s books about this and make videos of a cartoon character Teddy teaching others about tapping, and videos of her tapping to share with other children. 

Chrissy wrote, I wanted to share this with you 1st because without your loving, safe support, our minds would have never been open to the endless possibilities that tapping has to offer. 2nd because I’ve always wanted to write children’s books, and to have my lil girl be so passionate about it after just one little go makes all of the struggles seem less like a struggle and more like being supportive. So, we’re seriously going to start writing about “Tapping Teddy”, and would love your involvement to be, our tapping guru if you will…. 

I’m over the moon right now and could feel my child’s release this morning. More than anything I wanted to thank you, for being brave enough to teach others and empowering me to help my child!

Wishing you well and sending loving vibes! 💓


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you, Chrissy,! Now THAT’s the kind of message I love to get! My belief is that if kids learn to tap at an early age, all that anxiety, stress and trauma that we carry in our bodies, often for years and years from childhood, can be neutralized, basically as it happens. We all have big and little emotional wounds stored in our subconscious that are preventing us from living our strongest lives today. Why not start the healing as it happens so it never gets a chance to build up?

As an Inner Child Advocate, I typically help the wounded little children inside of our adult bodies, often we pick up our parents anxiety, stress, fears and limiting beliefs subconsciously and carry them with us throughout our lives. Their fears become our fears. 

Remember, parents can really help their own children the most by tapping for themselves!  However, I have also been successful in helping some little relatives with tapping too, including my 10 year niece who had just watched her dog get hit and killed by a car and was very traumatized. I “just happened” to walk in at the right time. Emotional relief happened for her in about 5 minutes. And a few weeks later I helped her little brother, who was about 9 at the time, completely clear his fear of the dark, also in minutes. I called it the tappy game

When I started tapping someone had created a Tappy Bear but I haven’t seen it around in a while. There are also a lot of children’s books written about tapping, you can Google them to learn more. Please pop me an email at yourstrongestlife@gmail.com or text me at 253-441-9963 if you have any questions. 



Childhood anxiety and fear is expensive…

Emotional Freedom is priceless!

Gwen Orwiler
Gwen Orwiler

Gwen Orwiler is an Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate. Through tapping, Gwen helps her clients release emotional wounds from their past, at a core level, so they can live their strongest life today.

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