Tapping into...

Your Strongest Life

Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate

Helping you release the weight of emotional baggage from childhood so you can live Your Strongest Life today.

  • When you heard the phrase “Inner Child Advocate” did you take a deep breath and say, “WOW! I’ve been looking for her all of my life?” If so, we might be a good fit to work together.
  • Have you done a lot of personal development work, a lot of talk therapy, read a lot of self help books? You’ve come a long way and intellectually you “get it”, however, the emotional pain & the “broken record” messages keep rearing their ugly heads. You still get triggered and it feels as alive & raw in your body now as it did when it first happened?
  • Have you been trying to live Your Strongest Life in relationships, business and career, finances and even your health and yet something keeps holding you back and keeping you stuck?
  • Are you ready to get out of your own emotional way and make THE difference you are here to make?

If you said Yes to any of the questions above, I invite you to learn more.

Emotional Freedom is waiting for you.

If you said yes to any of the questions above, I invite you to learn more.

Emotional freedom is waiting for you.

See what tapping can do for you...

  • Feel lighter and empowered
  • Increase your confidence and find your voice
  • Neutralize and totally remove the emotional sting
  • Uncover the real reasons behind your self-sabotage
  • Feel worthy, just as you are
  • Experience clarity and calm

Hi! I'm Gwen, Your Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate

As an Inner Child Advocate, I grew up and became the person that I most needed when I was a child. The greatest compliment I get from my clients is when they tell me that I make them feel safe.

I’ve spent my entire adult life reading self-help books and going to years of talk therapy desperately searching to figure out why I felt the way I felt.

Tapping has changed my life & I know it can change yours too.

Tapping & Inner Child Advocate Services

One-to-One Sessions

When clients aren't comfortable working together in a group setting, 1:1 sessions provide privacy and undivided attention. It's just you and me. 

Group Sessions

Tap along in a group setting and experience "borrowing benefits." These sessions can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues. 

Intro Sessions

Try a 1-to-1 Intro Session with my Happiness Guarantee. If it's not a good fit, I'll refund you. No questions asked. Truly no risk!

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

  • Step 1

    Wonder if this work is a fit for you, join Gwen for an Introductory Session & breath easy with a 100% happiness guarantee. No risk.

  • Step 2

    Once you are able to feel the power of this work you can determine if individual or group sessions would be the best fit for you.

  • Step 3

    Neutralize & release the broken record messages, at a core level, that have been keeping you stuck, and start living your strongest life.

Discover what is REALLY holding you back from living your Strongest Life - It’s almost never what we think it is.

As your Inner Child Advocate, Gwen is able to hold your virtual hand, help you calm your nervous system, so you can heal those subconscious inner child wounds that are no longer serving you in a safe, quick & gentle way. Allowing you to better address your own emotional needs in the present and finally start living Your Strongest Life.

Your relationships, your work & career, your financial world, and even your health.

Schedule your Introductory 1-hour Zoom session today to experience the physical & emotional relief of tapping.

What Gwen’s Clients Are Saying...