Individual Tapping Sessions

Watch the following video to see a demo of how an individual tapping session works.

“If someone can be traumatized in 30 seconds, why can't they be healed in a day, an hour, a minute?”
- Rick Wilkes

Individual Tapping Sessions

The Emotional Baggage, including those broken record messages that play over and over in our head, that we carry from our past impacts every aspect and decision of our lives today; our relationships, the jobs and careers we choose, the friends we make, the money we earn and even the health and wellness that we experience. AND 95% of the choices we make are subconscious programming from our childhood. Not just for some of us, but for EVERYONE!

People tell me all the time when they hear that I’m an Inner Child Advocate, “my childhood doesn’t have anything to do with my life today, that was so long ago.” Yes, I understand that it seems like that however, our inner child has EVERYTHING to do with our lives today.

Most of us spend a lot of subconscious energy trying to keep our emotional beach balls of deep-seated fears, lack of self-confidence and deep down feelings of not being worthy or good enough from the past shoved down as best we can, hoping that no one else can see how much energy we are using to keep them out of sight!

“If we finish our unfinished business from the past we can move on with our life & we won’t have to reenact the childhood wounds over and over again.”
~John Bradshaw, Homecoming: Reclaiming & healing Your Inner Child

Why do I call myself an Inner Child Advocate?

According to Bruce Lipton PhD, author of The Biology of Belief, as children, before we can become conscious our subconscious or “hard drive” needs to have programs installed. During our first 7 years we are basically in a hypnotic state, the programming period where we observe and download all of the information that is critical to creating who we become for the rest of our lives. Our adult lives will become 95% of what that programming is.

I understand intimately the deep emotional pain, heartache and struggle that can come from the negative and hurtful messages many of us “absorbed” as children. Messages that are often invisible to our conscious mind or that we’ve stuffed down deep to protect ourselves years ago. Yet, those are the very inner child messages that continue to subconsciously sabotage and keep us stuck, every day as adults, from living our strongest lives.


With EFT Tapping we don’t have to go back and slosh through all the gory details of our painful pasts like in talk therapy yet we can take the deep “sting” out of those traumas while having a SAFE conversation with your wounded inner child during tapping. Literally giving him or her the love, support and attention that they desperately needed way back then (and at some level still does) and help him or her to truly FEEL safe and empowered today so he/she’s no longer facing the scary problems of the world all alone from a child’s perspective.

I’ve been described as a “laser beam” and an Inner Child Advocate because I seem to naturally be good at, with the help of EFT, getting to the heart of the matter and literally helping you process and heal those wounds relatively quickly and easily from an energetic level. A lot of those wounds are invisible to us, hidden deep in our subconscious minds. However, they are still driving our day to day lives.

As an Inner Child Advocate, I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or more commonly called Tapping (emotional acupuncture without needles) to help people release emotional wounds from their past, at a core level, so they can live their strongest lives today. I feel like I've grown up to BE the person I most needed as a child.


I’ve spent nearly 30 years desperately trying to “figure it out” for myself. Reading every self-help book I could get my hands on and spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours (14 years on-and-off) in talk therapy and I was still struggling with the invisible, imbedded beliefs that there was something inherently wrong with me, I SHOULD be ashamed of myself, I SHOULD already know, and I SHOULDN’T take risks or ask for help because somehow it was dangerous, just to name a few.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or more commonly called tapping came into my life and it’s changing it for the better every day! Now I’m able to recognize that they are “programs” or the “blueprints” that I was given as a child when my mind was in a totally hypnotic state. The blueprints I didn’t draw for myself, yet they were still running my life without my conscious awareness. I’m finding that now, with the help of EFT, I can go back and erase and redraw the lines of my blueprint and I can help you do the same.

Tapping & Inner Child Advocate Services

Intro Session

Determine if working together is right for you. With the Happiness Guarantee, if it’s not a good fit you can ask for your money back, no questions asked. No risk. 

$125 per session

One-to-One Sessions

When clients aren't comfortable working together in a group setting, 1:1 sessions provide privacy and undivided attention. It's just you and me. 

$125 per session

3-Session Bundle

Tap along in a group setting and experience "borrowing benefits." These sessions can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues. ($375 Value)


8 Week 1-to-1 Sessions

Eight weekly sessions designed to do a deep personal dive and release the core issues that are holding you back from living Your Strongest Life. ($1,000 Value)


What Gwen’s Clients Are Saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hand do I use to tap?

Typically we use our dominant hand because it’s more comfortable.  However, there are times when we can switch them up (use your left hand to tap if you are right handed) to get deeper results.

Which side of the body should I tap on?

You can tap on either side or both as the energy meridians/ acupressure points are mirrored on both sides of the body.

How do I know when to stop?

Stop when you have successfully lowered the intensity of emotions around the issue you are working with. A good way to gauge it is to stop when the issue you are tapping about just seems silly or boring.

What if EFT works for others but it doesn’t work… for ME?

In my experience this is one of the most common fears. EFT works 99% of the time…if done correctly. Yet some people will try it once, throw up their hands and say, “Well, it just won’t work for me!” If that happens, it is rarely, if ever, any shortcoming of EFT. (see blog post The Top 5 mistakes people make regarding tapping)

Does one have to believe in EFT in order for it to work?

EFT works whether you believe in it or not. My experience with EFT is that once people start getting results this creates belief in the process, and then this can positively impact the therapeutic process.

What if I don’t know what to focus on when I tap?

Then you start exactly where you are. For the set up statement you would say something like, “Even though I don’t know what to focus on and not knowing makes me feel anxious. I deeply and completely accept how I feel.”

What wording do I use with EFT?

Tapping is simpler than people often think. The trick is to keep it simple and focus on the feeling rather than the wording.

Simple tips:
--state the problem in feeling words, “I have this fear of public speaking…..”
--listen to the “little voice” in your head and verbalize what it is saying.
--Imagine you are venting to a friend on the phone – simply verbalize whatever is on your mind.
--basically tell the truth of what you are really feeling about an issue.
--think of what you want or your goal and then ask yourself what’s the emotion that is stopping you from achieving it?

Can You Use EFT Tapping for yourself?

Yes. EFT is simple to use and can definitely be used as a self help tool, which people find useful to assist them in times of need or to speed up the process when working with a therapist or an EFT practitioner, by doing “homework” between sessions.

Can EFT Tapping be done via the telephone or Zoom?

Yes, you can do it basically from anywhere you have internet access, which means geographic location ceases to be a problem.

What about tapping with medical problems or while taking medication?

EFT is considered a complementary therapy and as such does not replace seeking qualified medical advice where needed. There is no evidence to suggest that there is a problem with tapping while taking medication, if you have any doubts, please seek advice from your medical practitioner before tapping.

Are there any negative side effects to EFT?

By comparison to almost any other process, EFT is gentle and rarely has any serious side effects. The biggest side effect that I’ve experienced for myself and my clients is feeling tired after a session. However, after a good night’s sleep, people often feel refreshed and revitalized.

Does EFT Tapping work for Pain relief?

Chronic pain has reached epidemic levels in America and a new approach to it’s treatment is urgently needed. Scientific research is increasingly finding that there is a strong emotional component to chronic pain conditions, which traditional treatment options do not address. EFT offers a highly effective solution to resolving deep-seated emotional issues and strengthening overall emotional health. This non-invasive technique works with the mind, body and nervous system simultaneously and provides an almost immediate reduction in pain. With consistent application EFT can bring long-term relief of physical pain and a less adverse response to stress.

IS EFT safe?

There are no known negative side effects or risks of EFT Tapping. (However, sometimes people have negative feelings after doing EFT Tapping. See blog post Why People Sometimes Have Negative Feelings after Doing EFT Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master)

Is EFT Tapping scientifically proven?

The most in-depth info to date to answer this question comes in the website The Science of Tapping

Will tapping make things worse?

No, although it may seem like it in the short term. These emotions are stuck in our bodies and the tapping is a way to release them, often permanently. Sometimes, when you clear one layer of emotion, however, another deeper layer that may seem more intense comes to the surface. You may have uncovered a new, deeper aspect of the original problem and that, ultimately, is a very positive thing, although it may feel a little uncomfortable initially. The trick is to KEEP TAPPING! The feelings you experience will often quickly subside and you will have done a very important piece of healing.

Will EFT work for children?

EFT works wonderfully for children and typically they love it. It can be gentle, quick and light hearted. You can teach very young children how to tap. They love having their own “magic buttons” on their bodies. It is also often helpful to let them tap on their favorite toy or stuffed animal and to simplify the set up statements to simple phrases like “I am cool”, “it’s ok” or “Mom loves me”, “I’m a good kid.” Instead of “I deeply and completely love and value myself and accept how I feel.” Tapping helps them to deal with everyday life events that, left untreated, can result in the distorted belief systems that many of us as adults are dealing with. (Brad Yates Tapping for Kids )

What if it is too painful to me to talk about my problem?

There is no need for you to talk about your problem if you do not want to. EFT is NOT talk therapy (see above). Talk therapy works with our conscious mind and EFT works with both our conscious and subconscious mind. As we tap on the acupressure points we are calming the amygdala, the fight, flight and freeze mechanism of the brain, which allows us to calm our nervous system.

What if I can’t remember much of my childhood?

Just begin where you are today and don’t worry about it. The chances are that memories will show up as you clear your issues in the here and now, but if they don’t it is not a problem. Another possibility is to use your imagination to create a fictional scenario and tap in the same way that you would for a real memory. Interestingly, this can work equally well to produce positive results. Check in on how you feel in your body as you tell the fictional story to yourself and tap on any physiological discomfort that you feel as you go through it.

Why use EFT rather than a different form of therapy?

Doing it correctly EFT can often get to the root of the problem very quickly and easily and often clear the emotional intensity permanently. EFT often works where other therapies and modalities have failed.

Why are EFT affirmations stated in negatives?

Affirmations, in the classical sense, are designed to take you in positive directions. Thus their wording is always of an uplifting nature. The purpose of EFT, on the other hand, is to uncover and eliminate the negative in order to pave the way for the positive. That is a MUCH different goal. One of the critical elements in EFT’s effectiveness is that one must “tune into” the problem or the “truth”. Otherwise, the energy balancing effect of the tapping for that problem will be of little use. It would be of no value, for example, to try to alleviate a memory of abuse with EFT whilst focusing on what you had to do the following day, the state of the world economy or the workings of a mobile phone! The energy disruptions wouldn’t be there and so the problem could not be addressed.

Are the results long lasting?

Emotional healing with EFT is almost always long lasting. If a given emotional problem does appear to “come back,” however, typically the original problem was addressed too generally and only partially neutralized. What has “come back” is simply a related issue (another aspect or another layer of the onion) that wasn’t addressed in the first place. (ie: my own personal experience of completely losing my fear of bridges yet felt a bit queasy when “driving to” a bridge. Tapping on the aspect of the fear of “driving to” the bridge took care of it. If another aspect pops up at some time in the future. Simply tap on that aspect.)

Is EFT simply a placebo or distraction from the problem?

Placebo effects require some belief in the process and this is rarely the case for newcomers to EFT. Also, although EFT may appear to be distracting, it will not work if the client is, in fact, distracted. That is why the client continually repeats a reminder phrase which helps them “tune in” to the problem.

Why can’t I just tap along with the many FREE tapping videos on the web?

You can, and it’s often effective. However, if you want to get to the roots of your own personal issues and clear them permanently (see blog posts Being Specific, The Subconscious Mind is “Protecting” You and Core Issue Hasn’t Been Found) working with a practitioner can get you more detailed results.
The Top 5 Mistakes People Make with EFT Tapping: (see blog post for complete article)
“Tapping takes 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.” ~Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution. The following "Top 5 mistakes people make regarding tapping" was taken from Nick Ortner article of the same name from the Tapping Solution website. If you aren't getting the results you want with tapping, this might help. Mistake #1 – Not Using It!, Mistake #2 – Not Being Specific Enough, Mistake #3 – Not Addressing All “Aspects” of the Problem, Mistake #4 – Not Tapping for Long Enough, & Mistake #5 – Not Writing Down What You’re Working On.