About Gwen

"As an Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate, Gwen helps you release emotional wounds from the past, at a core level, so you can live Your Strongest Life today."

About Gwen

Gwen has a boisterous laugh and her passion and enthusiasm is infectious. She is highly intuitive, compassionate and has been nicknamed, “Gwenuine” for her down to earth, approachable and transparent style. Her work comes directly from the heart. She is able to create a safe emotional space for you and hone in like a laser beam on those invisible limiting beliefs, fears, emotional obstacles and barriers that are keeping you stuck.

With the help of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) commonly called tapping she is able to help you neutralize the pain from the past that’s still haunting you and increase your self-confidence, help you find your voice and take back your power all with the help of your own fingertips.

Gwen is a lifelong learner who has spent nearly 30 years reading self-help books, thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in talk therapy searching to be emotionally free with limited success until she was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique or more commonly called Tapping in 2008.


Why an Inner Child Advocate?

Gwen has a unique understanding of how our subconscious stress and trauma (both big T and little t) from childhood is impacting our adult lives now and uses EFT Tapping to clear and reframe those old programs.

With deep insights into the common inner child emotional roadblocks, obstacles and fears faced by a majority of people, if not all of us, she’s spent a life time working on her own issues. She’s been there, done that and has the tee shirt. Nothing surprises or shocks her, which makes her a perfect ally to help you.

She understands intimately the deep emotional pain, heartache and struggle that can come from the negative and hurtful messages many of us “absorbed” as children, messages that are often invisible to our conscious mind or that we’ve stuffed down to protect ourselves, yet those are the very messages that have become our TRUTH and continue to sabotage and keep us stuck every day, as an adult, from living our strongest lives. She feels like she’s become the person that she needed as a child.

Gwen has a vast spectrum of personal and professional experience including working as a phlebotomist/ Medical Assistant, a congressional aid, the Executive Director of a statewide legislative advocacy non-profit organization, and a successful Realtor before becoming an Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate.

Gwen has been with her partner David since 1987 & together they have a big blended family with 18 grandchildren and 2 great grand-babies. In her spare time (SMILE) she likes to read, go to the movies, the farmers market, outdoor concerts, go for walks and most of all have stimulating conversations.

Gwen & David at music festival

If you are ready to get to the heart of the matter and clear that pain once and for all, contact Gwen. She does a majority of her coaching via video chat from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.