Testimonial: Got fear? I Tapped Away My Terror of the Narrow’s Bridge

When I first started learning about EFT Tapping, I was watching and tapping along with months of training DVD’s. One day I was with my friend Ayme at a local bookstore for a class we were taking. I leaned over the railing on the 2nd floor to talk with her below and I realized that I didn’t get that same shaky sick-to-my-stomach feeling that I’ve always gotten with heights. HUH? I thought it was strange but I set it aside and went about my day.

A few weeks later I was in Seattle with Ayme and we were in a building with a 4-story escalator. My experience in the book store popped into my mind and I thought I’d check it out. On the 3rd floor I went to the railing and leaned over, looking straight down 3 levels…. I was shocked! No anxiety! No fear! It was gone. Seriously! 

About a week later my husband, David, with all the success I was feeling on the other side of my fears, suggested I check out how I feel about driving across “the bridge”… I had always experienced a great deal of fear of a local bridge, The Narrows.  I was a bit nervous about it but heights were feeling so different these days that I decided to check it out. 

We went for a drive and for years anytime I would have to drive over the bridge I would have a hard time sleeping the night before, it really scared me! Every time we were about to approach the bridge, and we came around the corner and I could see the tips of it above the trees right before we made the curve and BAM! there it was! My stomach would drop and my heart would pound!! This day I kept looking above the trees, there it was, we made the curve and started to drive up on it but… no anxiety. No fear! We drove over it and I was able to look out over the water and see the boats and sun sparkling.  Absolutely NO FEAR!! I’d NEVER been able to do that before!!!  

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My birthday was coming… so we made plans to… drumroll please… WALK across it! (It’s 5,979 feet one way with a whole lotta water running underneath) No joke! This was serious business! My birthday fell on Sunday that year. We drove to the bridge, found a place to park and walked up to the entrance of the bridge. We started walking… 

I kept waiting to feel the fear… but I never did! 

My fear of heights, bridges and water… GONE!! We walked the entire length of the bridge and walked back. I was able to lean over the railing and enjoy the view… the water, the boats and the sun sparkling off the water… I actually enjoyed it!! This tapping thing is pretty AH-MAZING!!! 

If a fear is holding you back from living Your Strongest Life, please reach out. I’d love to help you!



Fear is expensive…

Emotional Freedom is priceless!

PS. A few years later the title “Inner Child Advocate” came to me during a meditation, I remembered back to my walk across “the bridge.” I remembered that when I was in elementary school my teacher played a video for us about the original Narrow’s bridge (built in 1940), the 3rd longest suspension span in the world. And how 4 months later on Nov 7, 1940, it swayed, and rocked and collapsed in a windstorm and they nicknamed it “Galloping Gertie.” When it splashed into Puget Sound it created ripple effects across the nation and around the world. The event changed forever how engineers design suspension bridges. Gertie’s failure led to the safer suspension bridges we use today. Apparently, that was a childhood “trauma” that I carried subconsciously with me all those years without consciously knowing it until, with tapping, I was able to release it.

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Gwen Orwiler
Gwen Orwiler

Gwen Orwiler is an Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate. Through tapping, Gwen helps her clients release emotional wounds from their past, at a core level, so they can live their strongest life today.

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