A Creative Way to Develop EFT Setup Statements

“Very often people complain that they don’t know the “right words” to use when creating their set up statements for tapping. It’s way easier than you might think. Just talk about what’s bothering you and throw in an acceptance statement while you are tapping.” 

I found the following in the EFTUniverse website and I thought it was a fun way to do it. Hope it helps you! Hugs! Gwen

I hear people say “Oh, I didn’t know what statement to say when I was very upset and so I did not get around to tapping.” or “ I don’t know how to be specific; there are so many things.”

People say to me, “I am upset with my boss. What statement should I use?”

Are you fumbling for the right Setup Statements?

You are the best person to formulate the right statements, the right choices and the right direction in an EFT healing process for yourself. But how? Is there an easy way out?

Try this fun way to do it.

Take a paper and pen and draw the trunk of a tree. On it write the title of your distress.

For example: Annoyed with Boss.

Draw a few branches to the left and the right of the trunk.

On the left side, write on each branch a reason for the annoyance.

For example, on the left side:

Rejected my input … Screamed at me in front of my subordinates … Avoids me when I talk about the incident.

Draw a leaf on each branch. Write down the feeling when you look at the branch.

For example:

Branch name: Rejected my input. 

Feeling: Sad

Branch name: Screamed at me in front of my subordinates.

Feeling: Angry

Branch name: Avoids me when I talk about the incident.

Feeling: Upset


On the right side, write on each branch what you may choose to feel instead.

For example, on the right side:

Branch name: I choose to approve of myself.

Draw a leaf next to it, read the name of the branch and ask, “How?” 

Answer might be: “Lovingly” approve of myself.

Branch name: I am willing to celebrate my inner strength.

Draw a leaf next to it, read the name of the branch and ask, “How?” 

Answer might be: “Joyously”

You now have your EFT Setup Statements:

Even though I am really annoyed with my boss…

Even though I am sad that he rejected my inputs, I choose to joyously celebrate my inner strength.

Even though I feel upset that he avoids me when I talk about increments, I choose to lovingly approve of myself.

By Jasmine Bharathan

EFT Universe

Gwen Orwiler
Gwen Orwiler

Gwen Orwiler is an Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate. Through tapping, Gwen helps her clients release emotional wounds from their past, at a core level, so they can live their strongest life today.

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