Are You Still Suffering Even though the Accident Was Years Ago?

My new client contacted me to say that she’d been in a car accident, basically a fender bender, and the doctors diagnosed her with traumatic brain injury.  

She had been dizzy and disoriented for 16 months straight.  She told me that she had taken medications, done physical therapy and cognitive training with no results and that this was greatly impacting her life and she “had to get out of this world.”

Session 1:

We cleared the “pressure and tingling frustration with myself” and anger in her chest and stomach about the accident.   Took it from an 11 (on a scale from 0-10) down to a zero.  She said that even when we talked about it afterwards, she felt relaxed and didn’t feel it in her stomach anymore.

She had a burning pain in her right scapula and after the tapping she reported “It’s not there now!  It feels like I’ve been dumping junk out of myself.”Then when we tapped on the accident itself she felt anger again.  It was a 4.5 in intensity out of 10 in her upper stomach.  She said that she’d never hit anyone before and she felt helpless and had a nauseous feeling in her stomach.  She wanted to “fix it and make it better.”   She felt lost, disabled and sad.  The intensity of the nauseous feeling went down to a 2.   (She reported before we started tapping that she had been nauseous for 90 days after the accident).

At the end of the session I asked her what her biggest AhHa was and she answered:   “I’m so surprised that this showed some signs of success in only one hour.  It’s been a tough couple of days and this morning.  Lots of anxiety –   NONE now!!   I’m just tired.

Session 2: 

A week later, at the beginning of the session she reported that she was having a very mildly dizzy day.”  That‘s two in a row with very, very diminished disorientation.  I haven’t hesitated to do anything.  This is a vast improvement over the last seven months.  I‘ve felt like I’ve been on a wild carnival ride that doesn‘t ever go away.  Been at a 10 in intensity most of the last 7 months.  I may cancel my PT appt with the dizzy therapist because I want to see how this works out.  I’m so encouraged! 

During this session we “unpacked” and lessened the emotional charge on several things including:

Her extreme anger that “somebody took my vision away from me.   I had good vision before.  I’m now legally blind.” 

The pressure and tightness she felt in her head regarding not being able to read a street sign.  She felt like an “idiot” because she missed a turn once and someone was following her.  She was extremely embarrassed.

As we continued to tap as emotions popped up she became consciously aware for the first time that the dizziness and disorientation was causing everything to be “in slow motion” and that didn’t feel like HER!  “All my life…  I’ve been a busy bee.  I just don’t work in slow motion.”  She felt “LOST” in her heart.  An intensity of  5.  After the tapping that feeling went down to a zero.

That lost feeling in her heart reminded her of being 5 years old and having to go stay with her grandma when her parents got a divorce.  She felt sadness and unwanted.

Ah-Ha:  “The realization that I’m giving too much attention to what I can’t do and not focusing on what I can do. “

The next day she wrote me the following email:

“I just had to tell you.   I left the house today, went to Penney’s and shopped the entire first floor.  Usually very, very disorientating for me and I buy way too much.  I did fairly well and didn’t get overly overwhelmed.  

Left there and went to Costco which typically really overwhelms me, but it didn’t and I was in and out very quickly.  Then I would normally go home exhausted and overwhelmed BUT I went to the grocery store, did another errand, got gas and went home.  This is HUGE for me.   I can never do five errands in one day.  Hard to believe but so true.  And, normally I have to do these things as early in the morning as I can get ready but today I had to wait for something and didn’t leave until 1:30!  What an eye opener!”

Session 3:

One week later she reported,The past 7 days I’ve hardly been dizzy at all.

She told me how upsetting it had been that after the accident she developed a habit of biting her lip and it’s been “HORRENDOUS!  I HATE IT SO MUCH!  I’m so embarrassed to be around people and my job is being around people.”  She told me that she saw a neuro-psychologist last March or April and he told her that it was “nervous tension and it will go away.”  As she talked about it she could feel the intensity in her neck and shoulders, a 6 in intensity.  As we tapped that went down to a 3 and as she felt calmer about that but several other memories popped up including:

–The memory of an assault a decade ago which caused a heavy weight in the center of her chest.  She had been hit in the ear with the butt of a knife and lost the hearing in that ear.

–The frustration and anger about losing her hearing after the assault caused

panic attacks that she experienced for many years after that.

–And all the anger she felt about losing so much time in her life because of all of these issues.

As we continued to tap and “unpack” all the emotional trauma that has been stored in her body for years and removed the emotional charge that went with each one, she felt calmer and calmer.  

Her aha after the 3rd session was that she was realizing that the anger and fear she was feeling, that she thought was coming from the car accident, started even before she was hit in the ear and lost her hearing a decade ago…

I absolutely LOVE what I do!  And I absolutely LOVE EFT Tapping! 

She’s been suffering for a year and a half and she’s experienced all of this freedom in just 3 short weeks — I’m so excited for her!   I can’t wait to see what we can clear next week!

Have you, or someone you know and love, been suffering needlessly with a physical symptom after an accident that may have emotional components to it and you are/ they are ready to get to the heart of it and clear it once and for all? Please have them reach out to see how I might be able to help.

Stress is expensive…  Emotional Freedom is priceless!



PS: If you are interested, please email me at for more info or to sign up for your intro one hour video chat session. Only $125 with a Happiness Guarantee (if it’s not a good fit you can get your money back. No questions asked). What have you got to lose except the suffering!?

Gwen Orwiler
Gwen Orwiler

Gwen Orwiler is an Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate. Through tapping, Gwen helps her clients release emotional wounds from their past, at a core level, so they can live their strongest life today.

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