Woo hoo!  Your Strongest Life has gone video!!   I like to talk way more than I like to write so from now on out my newsletters are gonna come in a 3-5 minute video which I hope will make it so much easier for you and for me!

Today I’m popping into your life to invite you to my weekly teleseminiars UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks.

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Are you a woman healer, holistic practitioner or heart centered entrepreneur?  You are doing what you love (or you want to do what you love) but that money piece is getting in your way.

  • Do you often give away your services
  • Do you find ways to avoid dealing with money altogether by bartering?
  • Do you tend to sabotage things when they have to do with money?
  • Do you feel like you are just not good with money?

Or my personal favorite:

  • Money just doesn’t motivate me!

I hear ya!  Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, however, in our current society money IS connected to everything that is.

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Money dictates what kind of house we live in, what neighborhood we live in, what types of foods we can buy, our ability to pay our light bill.  Money dictates what kind of transportation we have, how we get from here to there. The gifts we’d like to make or give to our loved ones.  Our health care, our families health care our pets health care.  If your pets are anything like mine…they are family!

Money dictates how we grow our business, how many people we are able to help and what kind of a difference we are able to make in the world.

So how is your invisible money story preventing you from living Your Strongest Life?  Are you ready to shift it at a core level?  If this sounds like it might be a fit for you I’d like to invite you to join us on Friday’s at 10:30am Pacific / 1:30pm Eastern and

  • learn how to tap on your own money issues
  • volunteer and we can work on your specific money blocks. or…
  • you can simply join us and tap along and receive “borrowing benefits”

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I look forward to tapping along with you and helping you UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks!