*|FNAME|*   I just listened to an amazing interview on the Hay House Summit last week, Overcoming the Past: Trauma, the Shadow, and the Inner Child with a woman I’ve never heard of before, Teal Swan, internationally recognized spiritual leader and influential new voice in the field of metaphysics.  I was thrilled to hear her talk about exactly what I know to be true using EFT very effectively as an Inner Child Advocate.

I’d like to share some of what she said because  I love the way she explains it by describing the value and benefit TO YOU as an adult about doing this deep work.

“In the beginning of our lives we experience the world through FELT perception, that is we are FEELING the world much more than we are THINKING about the world.  We begin to really start THINKING about the world and become cognitive beings at about 8 years old.    So at about 8 years old we develop the capacity to think our way out of problems and thus the trauma we experience does not become embedded within the system.”  (She explained that we all experience trauma).

[NOTE: Trauma, according to Dr. Robert Scaer MD, trauma specialist, can be anything that causes us to FEEL helpless, powerless or overwhelmed.  How many of us HAVE NOT experienced trauma when you think about it that way?  Not very darn many of us, right?]

“This is really revolutionary so what I’m about to say a lot of people are gonna have a lot of resistance to to begin with but I recommend that you stay open…

All of the trauma that we have experienced reflects out into our lives as adults happened prior to age 8.” 

“You might say wait a minute!  This doesn’t make sense cuz you’ve got people returning from war having war flashbacks.  I’ve worked with plenty of these people.  What you find is that when you trace back to the original trauma it’s never the war, it’s always some circumstance they went through in childhood. 

Here’s an example from one of my clients:  (WARNING, possible trauma triggering alert!)  “You’ve got a soldier who is really traumatized because he was in a situation in Iraq where they were all shot at and they had to basically duck and hide.  He essentially couldn’t get to his best friend in the unit who was then shot in front of him. So now in his adult life he is having all kinds of flashbacks and just can’t function.  He was  barely leaving the house when I started working with him.  When we took him back to that trauma… we went back even further.  When was the first time that you felt this particular feeling?, I asked.”

“He was in fact 2 years old stuck in his playpen and his favorite brother was getting beaten up by his new step brother.”

“So the experience he had in the war was an experience that was brought into his life virtue of the Law of Attraction which was nothing but a reflection of that prior trauma that happened at age 2.  The one that actually needed resolution was that circumstance, that memory where he was 2 years old. That was what we had to take him back to and help him reintegrate.”

[NOTE: You may be asking how can she compare the trauma of war to that of being stuck in your playpen at age 2?  Remember “FELT perception” vs “THOUGHT.”  The childhood trauma was stored in his body as a feeling, an emotion from the perception of a 2 year old — helplessness, powerlessness AND overwhelm — that needed processing.  It wasn’t so he carried it to the war with him where it was re-triggered.  He was a physical adult but the wound was from his inner child, the 2 year old.]

“Basically all of our trauma that we are trying to resolve in adulthood is childhood trauma.  That is why doing inner child work has been the hallmark of trauma resolution for so long.  It absolutely works!”

However, as she continued sharing, she talked about our limited understanding of how emotion works.  “It’s the emotional aspect of the inner child that is so  unresolved.”

“It’s like we are parachuting ourselves into inner child work and instantly rescuing the child out of the circumstance without first validating the emotions that the child is FEELING.  If we were to take our adult selves in with that child who was 2 years old in the playpen we wound have to first say you are totally right to feel this powerless and this terrified.  We have to essentially validate how the child FEELS and THAT enables the emotion to begin to move forward, like fixing a CD so it’s no longer skipping.  It’s beginning to play again because we typically skip over that step so we keep having to come back to the same [traumatic] memory over and over again and we just can’t get past it because we tend to disapprove of emotions more than anything else [we are afraid of them because we don’t know how to resolve them, we don’t know how to integrate them and we don’t know what to do with them].  That’s what we have to do first before we ever try to rescue the kid or try to improve the circumstance.”

I don’t’ know if Teal uses EFT or not but I do know that with EFT tapping processing, resolving and neutralizing those traumatic FEELINGS and emotions that have been buried in our bodies, sometimes for YEARS and YEARS, causing our emotional buttons to continue getting triggered are EXACTLY what we are able to do in a gentle and safe way so we can stop them from coming back

Remember, EFT work is NOT talk therapy so we are able to more gently focus on the FEELINGS much more than the words.  If you are interested in trying EFT out via the phone from the comfort and privacy of your own home please email me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com for your Introductory session for ONLY $47. 

Being STUCK in your emotional past is expensive…  Emotional Freedom is priceless!  



PS  Please share your thoughts below with other readers.  You’ll be surprised at how similarly we all think even though we think everyone else has their shit together and we are the only ones who are emotionally screwed up!  SMILE 






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