Where did the pain go?

Did you know that EFT works wonders with physical pain?  I was at dinner the other night with two client/ friends.  Both have done quite a bit of tapping with me.  One was complaining about some shoulder pain she was having.  When I mentioned that EFT works wonders with physical pain, the woman with the pain started talking about her next doctor’s appointment and pain meds.  It didn’t seem to connect with her.  The other woman said, “Oh really?  EFT works for physical pain?  I didn’t know that!”
Apparently I haven’t done a very good job in educating my clients on how well EFT does work on relieving physical pain.  So I’d like to take a few moments here and share a little information.

I was amazed, when conducting a scientific study of EFT for pain,
that after just 20 minutes, the pain levels of participants dropped
by an average of 68%. Those who haven’t yet experienced EFT often exclaim,
Where did the pain go?” The results are often long-lasting,
especially when you tackle the emotional issues that often exacerbate pain.

~Dr. Dawson Church PhD
EFT addresses two of the underlying aspects of pain:

#1 – Disrupted Electromagnetic Fields: When you get an MRI or EEG test at a hospital, the medical professionals are using information from your body’s electromagnetic fields for diagnosis and treatment. When these fields are out of balance, due to stress or emotional upset, your health can be compromised, resulting in pain and disease. EFT is able to calm those upsets quickly, resulting in a balance in your energy fields. EFTs easy to learn process allows even beginners to produce emotional calm by tapping on certain “release points” on the body.

#2 – Stress Neurochemistry: It is a well established medical fact that our emotions trigger shifts in the hormone and neurotransmitter balance in our bodies. Joyous emotions can produce healthy hormonal shifts, while negative emotions stimulate the production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Emotional stress contributes to many physical symptoms, from high blood pressure to heart disease. Negative emotions are also a major contributor to pain.  In the EFTUniverse.com website there are hundreds of cases in which pain subsides once negative emotions have been addressed with EFT.

Properly done, the EFT process addresses both of these potential sources of pain simultaneously.

EFT is easy to apply and often works where nothing else will.

As an Emotional Freedom coach I have had many, many successful tapping experiences with my clients and emotional and physical pain relief.

Here is one example from three years ago with my husband David:

David was really struggling for several weeks with a pretty severe pain in his hip.  He kept complaining about it and we didn’t know where it came from or what to really do about it.  So we decided to do some tapping.  The first thing I asked him was, “If the pain in your hip had a voice, what would it tell you is the reason for the pain?”  He burst into tears!  I was a little taken aback because we hadn’t even started the tapping process yet.  Through tears he said, “I miss Alfy!

[BACKGROUND:  Alfy was his little dog buddy that he had for 12 years.  He went everywhere with him.  They were inseparable.  About 6 years earlier Alfy disappeared.  We didn’t know if he had run away, perhaps he was sick and he ran away to die, or if someone had taken him.  We didn’t know.  We were building a house at the time and didn’t really have time to grieve and life went on…   About the same time the pain in David’s hip started a family members dog, the son of his dog Alfy, sired a litter of puppies. This was his 3rd litter.  The son and all of the previous puppies didn’t look anything like Alfy.  However, in this litter, there was a little girl “granddaughter puppy” who looked different.  She was a lighter color but as a small puppy was already showing signs of having the fluffy ears and tail that her grandpa had.  We named her Alfia, after her grandpa, and decided to keep her.  As she grew over the few weeks that we had her she started to look more and more like her grandpa.   We learned that subconsciously that’s when the pain in David’s hip started to really flair up.]

We tapped a few rounds on how much he missed Alfy.  It took only about 10 minutes and the pain was gone!  It’s been 3 years and David’s hip pain has never returned!

Are you or someone you love suffering needlessly with physical pain? Are you ready to release it and let it go?   Email me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com and schedule your INTRODUCTORY phone session NOW!  I look forward to tapping with you!


BONUS:  Pain Relief and EFT.

To learn more and tap along watch a 7 minute video on EFT and Pain Relief by Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution by clicking HERE.

Fear is expensive…
Emotional Freedom is priceless!
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