Happy New Year!  I hope you are enjoying the first week of the New Year in a way that is most fun for YOU!I’m NOT a big fan of the traditional new years resolutions and goals because they always seem to be something we feel we SHOULD do, fix or change about ourselves that we see as not good enough or flawed in someway and therefore we want to make them go away as soon as possible.  You know, UGH, right?I was reading a book called Everyday Sacred this morning and came across a thought about when people are talking about their achievements:
“most people omit things that come easily and naturally
to them. They see an achievement only when there
are difficulties.  Perhaps our natural gifts elude us
because they are so obvious.”
This year focusing on our natural STRENGTHS (the natural gifts that elude us, the things that make us FEEL STRONG) I’m really more drawn to the “Go Out And Love Something” kind of goals.
This year I choose to focus on the GOALS that allow me to have more fun and do what is naturally more me! I LOVE to reach out and connect with people and help them to UNCOVER their heartfelt GOALS and help to support them in the journey. It makes my heart sing! So I’m going to allow myself to start to do that now (and tap away all the crazy negative voices inside that are telling me “not to bother people” or “they are too busy to respond to your crazy email, Gwen” or “that’s their private thoughts, why would they tell you?”)
Thanks ahead of time for understanding!!
I’d love to take a few minutes to learn a little about YOUR hopes and dreams, plans and some of YOUR Go Out And Love Something goals for 2015.
If you’d like to play, simply push the reply button and type away! I promise to hold space for you throughout the year for those GOALS to germinate and come true.Much love,