“Little Maggie”, about 4 years old, is sitting in the middle of a playground. She is sad and desperately lonesome. “Little Anna” is trapped in the gingerbread house, immobilized by fear. And “Little Kurt” is hiding in his room and refuses to come out, ever.  cef9968eaa098b5f8ba4b2b73a7a0879

Friends:  The world is crowded with lonesome, fearful, and hurt Inner Children.  People were unappreciated, abandoned, or abused in their childhood. EFT can make a real difference in such a person’s life often in just a few sessions.  EFT is usually rapid, long-lasting and gentle. No need for drugs or equipment. It is easily learned by anyone.

Even though Little Maggie is sad and lonesome because nobody wants to play with her… Even though Little Anna is scared to death of the witch… Even though Little Kurt does not want to leave his room because nobody cares about how he feels anyway… Even though Little Rose has this horror of being locked in a dark closet stuck in her throat… Even though Freddie wants to throw up because his stepfather does not want him… Even though Little Pat’s heart burns like hell…

Often real memories pop up when we tap on the Inner Child images: When “Karen” met her Inner Child, she saw a little girl hiding in her room, full of dread and fear. The most intense feeling was “being worthless.” She reported tension in her chest and stomach. The SUD level was at a 7 (the term ‘SUD’ stands for Subjective Unit of Distress). Immediately, a memory popped up: When she was about 5 years old, she was taken to her grandparents, where she had dinner. When she tipped her plate and spilled food, her mother scolded her: “Can’t you do anything right!” Several rounds of tapping brought the feeling of being worthless to a SUD level of 0 to 1. We then moved to other memories with the theme “worthlessness”.

After tapping on the feelings of the Inner Child and working with any real memories that came up, I ask how the little one is feeling now. More often than not, the whole inner scenery has changed. The adult person is hugging and comforting the child, and they start talking or taking action to change the situation. It was a huge relief for “Kurt”, when his little boy finally opened the door and left the room he had been hiding in for a very long time.

Although there still might be some feelings of hurt and abandonment, the Inner Child usually starts to hug and play, once the adult made the connection. No longer is it merely painful to visit this archetype, but it is also perceived as a source of joy and wonder. The most rewarding moment for me comes when somebody discovers that their Inner Child is not weak and powerless, but a strong and courageous little person that did the best she or he could to survive in a hostile environment.  EFT is Superman when it comes to rescuing Inner Children!

The above was taken from an article titled Healing the Wounded Inner Child with EFT written by Carna Zacharias-Miller, an EFT practitioner who specializes in  working with clients who have experienced a Missing Mother in FL.  I feel like she’s described very well what happens when we are able to use EFT to help heal our wounded inner child.  I know because that is exactly what EFT has done for me.  I’m soo thankful that I was finally introduced to EFT 7 years ago in my early 50’s.  It’s made a world of difference in my own life in addition to many, many clients.  My favorite part of all of this is that “the whole inner scenery changes” and something that was terrifying and completely controlling me at age 5, I’m now able to see and feel it from an adults perspective, in a completely different and significantly calmer and more relaxed way…often in a very short time.  We are actually able to help our inner child safely “process” the emotions of those experiences, that may have been STUCK for years, so we can stop repeating them over and over in our adult lives.  If you’ve read all the self help books, tried talk therapy and everything else to get some relief yet nothing else has seemed to work I highly recommend checking out EFT tapping. 

Done over the phone from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.  Simply email me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com for more information.

Big hugs!  Gwen

Inner childhood fear is expensive….  Emotional Freedom is priceless!


PS  Please share your thoughts below.  We all have wounded inner children whether we are consciously aware of them or not and by sharing your thoughts it allows others to see that they truly aren’t alone.