Dear Client/ Friends:   Happy Thanksgiving!  I’d like to take this Gratefulopportunity to send to you a heartfelt THANK YOU for being such a wonderful part of my life and for allowing me to share this amazing tool called EFT tapping with you!  I had a client last week who expressed her thankfulness towards tapping so enthusiastically and so well that I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few highlights with you.  May you have a joyous and grateful Thanksgiving day!   Hugs!  Gwen


Thanks to Tapping, My Confidence is Through the Roof!

I recently got on the phone to start a coaching call and my client started bubbling over with all of the wonderful things that have happened in her life since we’ve been tapping, “Thanks to tapping, my confidence is through the roof!”

She continued telling me that, “I am feeling a huge difference!”

“I feel so much more aware now, and so clear.  My self talk… I can hear MY voice now, it comes first before any other voice.  It’s really cool.  That, to me is amazing!  There’s a ME in my decisions now and I don’t think I’ve hear that in forever!

Even though we’ve been separated for 4 years, I filed divorce papers after the first session….

She admitted to me that “I’ve been doing some online dating,  and it kind of scared me at first.  I was afraid I’d be so awkward.   I amazed myself!  I can tell you there are some guys that just don’t sound good.  My old way of thinking would be, I can finagle and make this work, but now it’s really cool to be able to say…No and not always feel like I HAVE to say…Yes!   I really love the ability to actually feel like I have choices now!

My husband and I have been separated for 4 years  and I have been battling the fear of filing for the divorce.  After our first tapping session I was able to get down there and get that paperwork filled out!

I am Really OK with it.  Not sad, not hurt.  I actually see it as a grown up Me realizing this is just where he’s at.  No matter what I do or who I am, it isn’t gonna change cuz he doesn’t want to change.  That is FREEING and HUGE!!

It’s no longer a BIG HEAVY brick on my back feeling like this is my responsibility.  THIS IS SO COOL!  All I have to be responsible for is myself!!!  The only person I can change is myself.  I can impact and influence people but naturally people have to choose.  That is… AWESOME!!

What I most appreciate is that the results from tapping happens naturally.  What you’ve been taught, those old messages, your old “programs” from childhood  just aren’t serving you any more and they are actually corrected and re-framed with tapping!   Once you move those old traumas out of the way it naturally happens.

It took me four years for me trying to convince myself and I gotta get this done!  I gotta get this done!  My conscious mind knew but my subconscious mind held me back.

What drove me to do coaching with you in the first place is to have balance, not to be such a powerhouse at work and then so timid at home.

Every time I hear my friends and co-workers complain I think of our sessions  OH MY GAWD!, I remember when I tapped through this.  I remember that!

I hear them say things like:  I know, I just can’t get past what so-and-so did to me.  Or I can’t let go of that feeling….

But you CAN!  I’m telling you, you CAN!!

We spend so much time talking about our issues over and over again.  It’s beaten into our subconscious and it feels like there is no help.  BUT… THERE IS!   I’m no longer weighted down.  THIS IS Freedom!!!