As an Emotional Freedom Coach, Gwen is like a little stick of dynamite that blows the doors off of some of your personal prisons!

After just two sessions with Gwen, I had an incredible ‘breakthrough’ moment that completely changed the way I run my business! Gwen helped me realize that, not only was I holding myself to an impossible standard (I had to be better, faster, stronger and work more than anyone else)… but she also helped me understand that ‘I’ was the only one expecting me to do that. Now instead of working 12 hours a day – and feeling like a hamster on a wheel – I’m having fun again. I have found balance in my personal and business life, and am spending quality time with my kids, my husband and my friends.”

Cheryl Antier

Writer & CEO , Dream Weaver Enterprises (France)

“I’m thinking from an almost totally different space. I can’t quite capture the words to explain the feeling, but it’s like my thought patterns have begun to physically change locations and I see things from a different vantage point. Something was blocking my attempts to access that viewpoint before. I can’t wait for that to continue!” ~Holly

Holly Marie St Pierre

I feel a bit like Gwen pulled a splinter out of my soul. Another awesome session!

“I stand in awe of Gwen’s ability to hone in like a laser beam on the big glaring issues in my emotional aura that I am sooooo blind to! Wow! Wow! Wow!! This one will have me spinning (in a good way) for a while. Gwen is a miracle worker in her own right. She was put here in this time & space to help people turn the key on the locks to let themselves out of prison.”

Susan Tackett

Financial Planner, Athena Financial Group (Visalia, CA)

“Working with Gwen is emotionally game changing. The way the iPhone changed how we communicate or Facebook changed how we share and connect. As an intelligent, successful, business woman I was very out of touch with the emotional triggers that had me repeating bad scenarios over and over again throughout my life. After 5 powerful sessions with Gwen, the insights I gained, the emotional releases I achieved and freedom I felt were simply stunning. I consider myself to be a very practical person, so when I say Gwen’s skills with EFT are remarkable I am not exaggerating. Working with her has literally changed my life. I am ever eager to share her services with friends and loved ones because who doesn’t want the people in their lives to be happy, healthy and whole?”

Logan Niles

Mind Over Manna (Seattle, WA)

“I just wanted to thank you again. That was unquestionably the best coaching session of my life. Truly. My tour guide (you) took me exactly where I needed to go (even if I didn’t want to!) PERFECT blend of gentleness and assertiveness, guiding me out of the stories and into the feelings I try so hard to avoid. You are so incredibly gifted at this Gwen and I cannot wait for all your women socialpreneurs to receive the blessing of your support. Trust me when I say that it is priceless!”

Nancy Koenig

EFT Practitioner / Author (Long Beach, NY)

“Okay, are you ready for this — he brought a cobra, rattle snake, milk snake, baby anaconda and a yellow 6 foot python all my PREVIOUS fears. I never escalated, my family was amazed. I slightly elevated when I allowed the Reptile Man to wrap the python around my neck for a family picture!!!! Thank you for freedom, Gwen!!! xoxo“

Background: When Nicole, a licensed mental health therapist, and I first met for coffee we had lots to talk about. She was reading about EFT.

She mentioned her terror of snakes. She was planning a birthday party for her son…. the following Sunday, in 3 days!, and they had invited The Reptile Man!! The look on her face  told the whole story! She was TERRIFIED!!

We scheduled a session.

On her questionnaire she wrote, “I’m all set and excited about today! Must admit, a bit nervous as well, as I really want it to work and my negative voice says, ‘I will be the exception to the norm“, and “that sounds nice but it is never going to happen, my fear is too deep.”  The day of her session she said the intensity was in her Chest. (On a scale of “0′′ being NO emotional charge and “10′′ being a HUGE emotional charge), it was a 10 PLUS!!! “If I were to see a snake….it feels like my heart would pop out of my body!!!”

After our call when I asked her what her biggest Ah-Ha was about the session she responded, “I didn’t have any idea it was actually my little inner 5 year old’s imagined fear that was the scariest moment! I realize now how I was being held back. It’s not that way anymore!“

Nicole Coope

Work-Life Balance Expert/Financial Therapist (Federal Way, WA)

“I’m a registered nurse. I went to a Christian University. I say that because many, many years ago a man convinced a village to not use the potions a local man was concocting. Subsequently many of the villagers became ill from an epidemic. Many died. The man was a pastor, the potion was penicillin. When I first heard about what Gwen was doing I thought tapping meant summoning demons and was immediately praying for her. So clearly I was a skeptic. After meeting with her I began to realize I was wrong. I decided to try it for myself so that I could get past things that might be holding me back from success or fears. It was absolutely the best decision I made. Gwen has a gift of healing.” ~Lisa Doyle – Orting, WA

Lisa Doyle

RN, Founder, Chief Elder Care Manager for Caycare (Puyallup, WA)

“Working with Gwen will change your perspective on your life and things that have caused you much sorrow. It truly is a magical gift she has been given because she has the ability to guide you to a place you dare not go before without you even realizing you’re actually going. Her words are raw and genuine which is refreshing. Before you know it you feel uplifted and free from these past hurts that have suppressed your true nature.”

Angelyna Tate

Living with Purpose & Inspiration Life Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker (Baldwin Park, CA)

“I see things differently than before. I have more understanding of myself & others. I am more relaxed, more fun, more calm, more verbal and happier. I enjoy the present moment and enjoy life’s journey more. I allow myself to feel & I am aware of my feelings (not resistance). I have deeper relationships with my family and I appreciate myself and others. I feel better about life. Life is wonderful for me. I can love & accept myself as I am. I am proud & appreciate myself . I have compassion for myself and I am not so scared anymore.”

Kanitta Clark – (Orting, WA)

I feel more confident in myself and less ashamed of asking for what I’m worth. The other day I got a request from a client for a quote on a new project, and I quoted my new (and much higher) fees without blinking. She came back with a response that the price almost made her swallow her tongue (her exact words!) but that she knows I’m worth it…and for once I didn’t feel bad about the quote, second-guess myself or wonder if I “should have” quoted her less. My first thought was almost on the defensive, along the lines of justifying why the project is worth that rate. Before our session, I wouldn’t have been so quick to stand up for myself!

I love Gwen’s energy and the way she brought issues to light without making me feel bad or as if she was judging me. I truly felt like she was there to help me, as a champion against the weaknesses that were holding me back!

Tammi Metzler

Copywriter and Owner, The Write Associate (Omaha, NE)

“Before EFT & Emotional Freedom coaching with Gwen I had no idea how much fear from childhood was running my life. That the messages & programs that my little girl within received growing up were used for survival and they are no longer practical or serving me. I will always be a work in progress, however, I definitely know my worth now & I also know that I deserve joy, abundance, and pleasure. I can see the patterns clearly now, here they came from & that they no longer belong to me!”

Malena Crawford

Life Coach (WA, DC)

Gwen has the ability to get to the core of a current issue and help you find how it relates to the things that happened in your childhood. She does this in such a loving and non-judgmental way that you can feel her energy and heart during each session. Years of anger and self-sabotage have been replaced by happiness and a positive outlook to the future.

Friends and family have noticed a transformation and I owe it all to Gwen, her special gift, and the Universe for bringing us together.”

Margaret Jennings Fisher

Business Strategist (Scotia, NY)

“I lost 120lbs and found my passion as a weight loss strategist. I reached a point where I quit losing and began to gain some back. I could not figure out why my exercise, that I love so much, was beginning to take a back seat. I knew that something was holding me back and was able to recognize the top layer, however I did not realize that there were so many bottom layers nor what they were. Thanks to Gwen, I have been able to start uncovering those bottom layers, work through them, and begin losing my weight again. I now feel more authentic as a weight loss coach.

As a Christian, I was concerned about doing EFT….. but now as I tap, I feel as if I’m talking to God while I’m doing it. I was quite reluctant to begin the tapping, the first session felt really silly and the concerns began to overflow. As we got deeper into the tapping, I actually felt the Spirit wash over me. I was holding so much back that I had made it hard for Him to get in.

I wanted to allow Him into my life even more and thought I was; through tapping with Gwen I have been able to let myself go over to Him fully and make His way in much easier. Each time I tap I open up even more and opening up to others is the best way to allow God to do his work in your life.”

Jessica Marie

Weight Loss Strategist (Hoover, AL)

“EFT has given me courage to face fearful situations in my life while identifying how events connect with energy patterns created earlier in my life. I have the determination to conquer anything with the tools I’ve gained from tapping. A custom tool kit, as no two are the same! Mine contains triangles, arches, pillars, cocoons, fish, magic, dust, rainbows, and thread, and it is pure joy to know how they all meld together. I have the renewed self confidence to take on challenges, new and old- BY MYSELF- without spinning into someone else’s control. Enthusiasm to own what is mine- my life, my business, myself and choose who I attach to it. When an uninvited emotion appears in my day, week, hour, or minute- I can tap it right out and get on with the love and value for myself. I accept my impatience and the millions of silly arguments I have with myself. Being who I am is not flawless but I will not allow fear of flaws to limit my choices anymore. I will put forth my youthful attitude and take the lead for who I am- releasing the distracting shiny objects as they do not serve me anymore. I stand in front of my facade full of belief, hope, and value. Thank you Gwen!

If you are reading this and feel “stuck” in life, in work, in fear of anything…work with Gwen.

She will open up new horizons for you to shine and offer you tools to carry into your future to continue to conquer all of your road blocks.”

Wendee Mann

Versatile Designs Interior/ Exterior Design (Maple Valley, WA)

“I’ve had a group session and a couple of private sessions with Gwen. I highly recommend her and EFT.  I set up a session when I had negative feelings I couldn’t halt. The hard part about giving a testimonial is – after my session I can hardly remember why I set the appointment or why I was so unhappy. Each time I try to write about it but I am changed. The EFT tapping session “changes me.” It changes my reactions, heals me so thoroughly that I can’t get the negative emotions back.  I keep asking Gwen how she can maintain her business when she heals so thoroughly. She tells  me – referrals.   Gwen is a good listener. I talk, she takes notes and she can find the hot spots in my story,  what I say and so much more. We tap and more comes up. We tap more and somehow we actually heal a long ago situation that I’ve been carrying around for years and years. A tender place inside me that is sensitive and runs my life. Real life situations come close, push my buttons, cause me to twitch or squirm or avoid. After the session I am Healed. Done. I can barely tell you about it because it is really healed. I’m telling my friends and I’m thinking of hosting an Emotional Freedom Circle. It’s an amazingly complete process.  I highly recommend you try it too.”

Kay Hollenbeck

Counselor (Everett, WA)

“From the first time I worked with Gwen it’s always an exciting place for me to grow. Gwen has a comforting trait that allows me to ride the roller coaster of emotions — I can be myself and I can cry and I can be happy and laugh all within the same phone call. The benefits I’m receiving are life changing, and I feel my life sentence has been broken over and over again because I’ve been able to free the little girl inside me who’s been hurting for over 30 years. I’ve benefited greatly from working with Gwen and I’ve been more successful on my career path even when hurdles come along. She’s given me the skills to deal with them, work through them effortlessly and get back to doing what I love. I recommend Gwen to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.”

Jennifer Westby

Author, Grief Makeover Advocate, TV show host and entrepreneur (Fredrickson, WA)

“I was really blown away by our sessions and how things went… It was amazing to me that as each session started; I had no idea what direction we would be headed. We started with casual conversation and within 5 to 10 minutes we were starting to tap. Being an “A” personality, of sorts, in the beginning seemed to have me a bit on edge because there was no real “structure,” so to speak of, or what to focus on. However, the simple fact that we were able to build to “the issues” in 10 minutes they must have been lying just beneath the surface. I truly feel freedom from tapping. I had no idea that the perceptions in my mind set that I work from everyday were formed so early in my life. Then as an adult I started to wonder why an area of my life seemed “stuck” or other issues would continue to reoccur. Some beliefs that were created when I was a child no longer serve me as an adult. Gwen has taken me through steps to clear this and after we are finished I never feel any heaviness or honestly never think about it during the week! For me, that has been freedom.”

Amy Row

Owner/ Pres, A Row Sales & Marketing (Gilbert, AZ)

“I know now that not everything is about me. When another person seems to be angry with me, I know it has very little to do with me. I can walk away and still feel good about me, and not be angry with the person or with myself. Gwen has helped me talk. I use to talk a lot, but actually said very little. I still talk a lot, but say plenty. She‘s also taught me that it is OK to be vulnerable.”

Mary Bailey

Retired , Dept of Children & Family Services (Mineral, WA)

In my tapping sessions with Gwen early last year, we focused on the relationship with my dad which had been a source of stress since my early teens. As I continued to explore these feelings with my therapist, I realized I had issues with my mom too! While I feel that both EFT and therapy helped, it was definitely EFT that brought the initial issue to surface.

It took a few months, but last summer I sat down and talked with my parents for over two hours about how I felt. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but now I can look back and see how much I was holding in (beach balls under the water!) and trying to be the “perfect” child. The relationship has not changed overnight, but I no longer feel compelled to pretend everything is ok when it’s not. I also choose not to discuss only the negative or stressful things with my mom and it has helped both of us focus more on the positive.

The tapping work Gwen and I did has helped me to be more honest with them by letting them know I am not asking for their approval, just their support. [Hello! Gwen. Did you just faint and fall down? Are you Ok? Yes, this is the same Robin Johnson!]

The greatest benefit is in how I interact with my own children to be aware of not repeating ‘the patterns’. Thank you Gwen!

Robin Johnson

Senior Mgr at Outerwall (Lake Tapps, WA)

“I am so glad a friend of mine suggested EFT with Gwen Orwiler! Especially as a creative person, there were unconscious “beliefs” about my ability in certain areas that were limiting me in business. I didn’t have to know what they were, Gwen listened to my problems and had a nearly effortless method of not only uncovering these limiting beliefs and challenges, but working me THROUGH them at the deepest levels. So deep that the realizations made during our sessions were truly long lasting. I can’t recommend EFT with Gwen enough!”

Julie Watts

Photographer (Auburn, WA)

“I feel so safe working with Gwen. Her intuition and guidance taking me where I need to go is point on. Especially when she incorporates the Inner Child Advocate technique, I can truly heal the root cause of the “trauma” and release it. I would love for more people to be introduced to it and experience the transformation. I have a vision of this becoming mainstream among mental and emotional health practitioners so we can truly heal people from the inside out.”

Charlotta Hibbs

Owner/ Operator, Hibbs Ranch (Cut Bank , MT)

“So far I have had 2 tapping sessions with Gwen. I cannot say enough about her and what she does. I am floored by what we’ve been able to shift in just two sessions. I have been paralyzed for 30 years (with Chronic Fatigue and other illnesses) by events that happened to me as a child and also as a teen, and it has colored my life ever since. After tapping on these traumas, I no longer feel emotionally affected by them, instead I feel rooted in the wisdom that those experiences provided me with. I am thankful now instead of paralyzed. What a shift!!. I feel so much stronger, braver, and connected to myself. My self love has skyrocketed. I am no longer afraid. Whatever comes my way, I feel I can handle it. I feel completely different. I no longer feel like I am carrying around everyone else’s baggage.

I could never say enough about what a gift Gwen is to this world. She is all heart, and will be your biggest advocate as she navigates you safely and lovingly through your own personal demons, if you so choose.

She facilitated change for me that I never thought was possible, but after just two sessions I feel like the world is mine again.

It’s literally the most incredible transformative tool I’ve ever experienced.

I feel beyond blessed by her gifts and am eternally grateful for this woman and her work. Thank you Gwen!!! ❤❤❤️”

Then, if that wasnt enough, I got this message today:

Gwen I have to tell you my brain is DIFFERENT now. I notice new things every day. Things that used to bother me/ trigger me ARE NOT anymore. They’re just not relevant. I’m in shock over it.

Literally things EVERY day where I’m like…this used to hurt me…why does it not hurt anymore!????

I’m like a different person. I mean still work to do but it’s so crazy to not have the same emotional reactions I’m used to.”

Stacy Fratelli

Song Writer

“Because of an illness I had to wear a neck brace, and due to years of claustrophobia I was really sweatin’ it! I didn’t know how Gwen could have possibly gotten any better than our last tapping session months or maybe a year ago! This time she cleared me of almost a life long problem of claustrophobia in less than an hour. I thought at best I’d get to a temporary 4 (out of an emotional charge range of “0” being NO emotional charge & “10” being a very high emotional charge) but I was so wrong to not place my faith in her ability to help me. Thank you!

Now when I start to panic & can’t breathe from habit & I start to feel like I’m gonna have to rip off this neck brace, something is different. I just go, ‘Oh yeah, just take a deep breath. We took care of this problem.’ I can’t wait to try an elevator!”

Follow Up NOTE: Several months after Natalie wrote this testimonial she texted me and as so enthusiastic. She was wearing a turtle neck sweater that she loved and had been hanging in her closet for years, unworn. She was wearing it comfortably and was very excited about it!

Natalie Schlicten Ashby

Retired Realtor (Puyallup, WA)

Gwen, is a freedom fighter, the modern day Harriet Tubman.”

She knows where to find those blocks that you just can’t really see going at it alone. She listens attentively to the voice that you can’t hear, that’s hiding from you. She’s been there and done that and really, GENUINELY, wants you to be free. She is an angel with a tool that is spectacular. She knows that the only thing standing in the way of what you want and where you are is a subconscious program that can be changed. She is a genius at what she does. I recommend her to all who know that there is more than ‘this’.

Kemba Crawford – (WA, DC)

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Gwen…my first experience with EFT. I had no idea what to expect, outside of the sequence of the tapping from the video she provided before our session, and went into the session with an open mind, as a blank slate. I do know that I am a tough nut to crack and don’t offer my emotional Self to others easily, even when I’m working with someone in the healing arts. I was blown away by the results that I experienced during my time with Gwen! I worked through issues that I have been aware of rationally, logically and in my head…but had never been able to connect with in my body and heart…and in the most gentle and supportive of ways. The difference that I felt in my body was immediate and has stayed with me after the tapping session…incredible!

I truly believe that my ability to connect, be open and surrender to the healing that tapping provided me was due to Gwen’s presence, energy, support and love. I felt that she was a stand for my healing, which supported me in being able to share things that I have rarely (if ever) discussed with anyone in the past. I am so, so thankful that I met Gwen and I look forward to working with her again in the future as I walk down my path of growth, creation and self-realization. Thank you, Gwen!!!”

Logan Reed

Personal & Professional Coach , Reed Solutions Group (Olympia, WA)

“Just finished an awesome tapping session, my third session with Gwen. It is amazing to me how my fears from childhood, my parents’ divorce, my mother’s toxic words have imprinted me and continued to hold me hostage throughout my life. I have my entire life searched for a place that I would belong. Gwen and I, in one hour of tapping, discovered why I hold people at arms length. Why I had continually searched for my place to feel that I belong. In 60 short minutes. A revelation came so clear to me…. A discovery that thousands of talk therapy hours never came close to.

Emotional Freedom Tapping provides a healing in a few hours that years of therapy never scratched!! I believe that what Gwen has to share is a gift, I am so grateful that she has followed her heart and her gut to share this gift. Got Fear?? Get Gwen!!”

Holly Anderson

Reflexologist, Firmly Planted Reflexology (Bonney Lake, WA)

“After the tapping with Gwen I actually felt the emotion of rejection leave my body.  I felt like a new person. I no longer feel rejected.”

Taquila Coleman

Coach (Detroit, MI)

“I’ve taken some time to take in the tapping session I recently had with Gwen and just let the results ‘sit’ with me. This was an hour long session that went by pretty quickly but was really efficient and more than helpful. Even though I’ve done lots of tapping in the past, I found it helpful to have someone else do the script and work with my words as we went along. There are great benefits for tapping along with others and pre-set scripts, but there was a great benefit in working one-on-one with Gwen as well. So thank you Gwen for an awesome session.”

Claire Guibord

Energie Claire, Alternative & Holistic Health (Vancouver, BC)

“Have you ever wanted someone who was like your best friend but who would tell you  exactly as it is? So many times with our friendships we are so careful to filter what we say so that we don’t hurt the other person’s feelings….Gwen is that new kind of best friend. She has an uncanny ability to help you find issues that are buried so deep and then use tapping to let those same issues completely go. She has the ability to help you drill down through the things that are holding you back now and link those back to old emotional issues that have never been resolved. And resolve them.”

Alicia Sundstrom

Owner, Financial Credit Network, Inc. (Visalia, CA)

Working with Gwen has been an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. She listened, understood and foremost held a very safe space for me to move into my strongest life. She helped me identify the challenges I was having in starting a new career after being out of the workforce for quite some time.

As we worked through the many layers of avoidance, procrastination and fear she showed great compassion and patience as many emotions came to the forefront. With her laser focused ability she could quickly pinpoint what was holding me back. Then with her caring approach we worked to dissolve these many blocks one by one that had been preventing me from moving forward. As we worked on deep rooted past issues we even went as far back as childhood. Imagine my surprise as she unlocked past incidents as far back as five years old that had still been controlling me all these years as an adult. I saw how they have affected my decisions and relationships in my personal and business life and how they had held me back from moving forward with my business.

Gwen was so effective and efficient in unlocking the chains that have held me captive to other’s bad behavior and my negative reactive emotions to them. I feel very liberated and free to move on with confidence as I know now that it is possible to reach and attain all my business and personal goals.

I will be forever grateful to “The Great Gwen” as I affectionately call her. I encourage all to give yourself the gift of working with Gwen and unleash the greatness within yourself.

Bernie Bowman

Butterflies by Bernie, Transform Your TRAUMA for Women (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada)

Before working with Gwen I couldn’t figure out where the root of my “money block” could lie. My memories of childhood consisted of growing up in an environment where money wasn’t an issue, or so I thought. Gwen helped me uncover that although my memories were of money being abundant, I also equated it with creating loneliness. These thoughts were based on my father taking a promotion (that gave him a raise) when I was very young and caused us to move away from our family to a new area where I didn’t know anyone and felt like an outcast. In my mind I believed money removed security and meant I would be forced into situations I wouldn’t want. Based on that, every time I would attempt to make more money, I would sabotage my efforts to avoid having change occur, which resulted in me constantly fighting against myself.

After the very first session with Gwen I had significant mental shifts that immediately changed my feelings about money and released the blocks. Working with her has been so effective that in just a couple of months I have increased my income by 67%! Gwen is masterful in her tapping technique, getting to the root of the cause and removing those money blocks. I finally know what it means to really feel financially free.

Karen Graves

Marketing Your Genius (Peekskill, NY)

Gwen and EFT has changed my life. Damages I thought were permanent, I found, are not. I was diagnosed with PTSD, not from the military, but by going through a life time of tragic events. I only knew of western medicine & counselors, but with all of these things combined, Gwen & EFT has helped me more than anything else.

The first few sessions with Gwen, I was reserved in opening up and letting my walls down. I soon realized Gwen is genuine, she is not just nodding her head in agreement, she does it because she truly wants to help.”

Sharon Osborne – Orting, WA

“Just finished an EFT session with Gwen Orwiler, my EFT coach. The process is so easy. It’s such a great way to uncover subconscious limiting beliefs that prevent one from accomplishing their goals, personal or professional. Gwen has honed her skill over the years. When you add her intuitive insight and deep compassion, you have one very special guide and facilitator. If you are wondering what’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals, I highly recommend a session with her. Those who know me, know how picky I am when it comes to being coached by another coach. Gwen is the real deal! Thanks Gwen for another great session today!”

Ruth Dow Rogers

Career Counselor and Organizational Development Consultant (Federal Way, WA)

Most days it was hard to have a good attitude when I had all that junk swimming around in my head.   It’s ok for me to want better now… OH MY GOSH! My face is grinning. I’m so excited! I am amazed at what I hear myself saying now, without a second thought… I AM WORTH IT!! WOW! I said that out loud! It kinda freaks me out and kinda brings me to tears. I think this is the first time in my life that I’m not trying to fool myself. I’m really worth it!! I’ve said it before… but WOW!, it’s a whole other thing to really FEEL it!”

Brenna Areta

Panther Lake Dental (Kent, WA)

“Gwen is wonderful – skilled and delightful!”

Joanna Cummings

Nicci Tina Kick Butts, Take Names Smoking Cessation (Tacoma, WA)

“Thank you for the EFT “tapping sessions.” This work feels really, really good. It is hard to put into words, because I am in such a neutral state of calm. It is really helping me clear some old pain. I am amazed!”

Thea Blair

Teacher / Parent Coach / Touch Educator (Nevada City, CA)

“Because you are or have been struggling and dealing with the same kind of issues as I do, you have an instinctive understanding of where I block things, what I shy away from addressing, where I make excuses or move sideways or simply don’t dare go. And because you are not me and you are not directly involved in my life, my issues and challenges, you can look at this with an impartial yet compassionate eye, unswayed by fear and emotion and desired outcome, and focus on what you know needs dealing with – and help me face it, deal with it, and move on.

And as our big basic traumas come from a time in our life when we haven’t the necessary parameters to figure out whether something is our problem or our parents’ issue, and we just accept everything as “the truth” and try to accommodate it, often at great personal costs, having access to an INNER CHILD ADVOCATE is invaluable in finally *finally* letting go of all these old burdens. I can’t believe how much old junk I’ve carted around with me still, even after years and years of “working” at it and having a perfectly good intellectual grasp of what was going on – but I didn’t “feel” it until I worked with you, and that’s when I was able to actually FEEL (as opposed to intellectually know) that this wasn’t even my stuff – and let it go. I could feel it go from my body. That’s the problem you solved for me.

Gitta Wolf

Writer, Translator (Germany)

Gwen, Thank You!  Your counsel & guidance was so wise & strengthening that I feel like a whole new person.  In the space of that one-hour session, you brought out the strength in me by giving me an entirely new context to view myself.

This is so different from my sessions with other energy workers– and with the work I’ve done on myself.   In those, I felt better afterward… but sometimes in only a matter of hours… I would notice the same negative feelings overtaking me again.  As a long-time energy worker myself, I was baffled – why couldn’t I fix myself?!!

YOUR guidance led me to a position of increased strength that has lasted and lasted.   In fact, it just keeps getting better!   All this time later, I am calm and sure — and happy!

Imagine, a major change in just one session!  The new perspective that you provided for me unlocked a life-long emotional jail cell.

But I’m not just “out of prison”!   This feels like a miracle! The energy change you created in me is propelling me forward.   My former fear and doubt is GONE – changed into confidence and sure-footedness.  I’m at ease…peaceful …thriving… making plans…  and taking action!

Ann Corcoran

Chief Inspiration Officer & Founder of Inner Oomph, Flow Creator, Teacher, Connector, & Coach. (Central CT)

After my very first conversation with Gwen I knew Tapping was something I had to try. Her genuine concern came thru with each word. She truly wanted to help me. More importantly she wanted to give me the tools to help myself.

I’ve done traditional therapy – rehashing the details of all the awful things that have happened in my life. I didn’t want to just relive all the old stories over and over. I needed to find an answer to why these things kept happening, why the little voice in my head always looked for the bad thing that was bound to be around the next corner. With Tapping I’ve been able to stop the panicked reactions and calm the negative voice in my head so I can clearly focus on what’s in front of me. For the first time in my life I actually BELIEVE that I am worthy, I deserve a great life, I am enough just the way I am and I am proud of myself.

Gwen thank you for all you’ve taught me and I look forward to finally living the life I was meant to….free and strong.

Angela Nickerson

The Boeing Company (Kent, WA)

“Yesterday I experienced my first phone EFT session with Gwen. You all know that the best coaches have coaches, well I had the most amazing time and got to really understand a huge program in my life that has been stopping me around money!

During the session I remember thinking, “Why am I thinking about that time in my life that I had to buy my own skateboard at age 12?” I had my life flash in front of me, back then I felt that life wasn’t fair and I didn’t want to be responsible! I grew up quickly and thought I HAD to be responsible! My childlike perspective was that of a victim! I realized that I thought RESPONSIBILITY was a bad word.

There was a huge breakthrough! Today I look at my life as things always happen for a reason and that I create it, so I am responsible, but what my blind spot was… I have always disliked the victim mentality, now I had it mirrored into my life and was able to see, where I have subconsciously felt like the victim! Plus, this was all to do with my money programs!

HOW AMAZING, a 1 hour EFT session, broke through years of limiting beliefs and bad habits!!!! If you want to quickly break through your beliefs and programs that are limiting you, you have to call Gwen and set up your appointment now!! Thanks again Gwen, look forward to more breakthroughs.”

Erin Loman Jeck

Create Infinite Balance Success Coach & Speaker (Renton, WA)

“Gwen and I worked together on some deep-seated issues about money. She cleared them so completely that in our follow-up session, I didn’t even remember what I’d been worried about! When Gwen read me what my responses on my initial questionnaire, I was dumbfounded. “Did I really write that?” I asked her. The problems were so thoroughly dealt with I couldn’t even relate to them any longer. Gwen’s intuition and insight are truly amazing, and her work is life-changing.”


Charlotte Rains-Dixon

Writer/ Writing Coach (Portland, OR)

“After working with Gwen I now recognize that I feel calmer and more in control and I take notice of what’s *really* going on within me. She is caring, non-judgmental and has your best interests at heart. She lives to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

Sylvia Myers

Founder & CEO, Sylvia Myers LLC (Tampa, FL)

“Being part of an Emotional Freedom Circle group is wonderful, because you find other people that have some of the same fears as you. It made me think, “I really am not alone.” My biggest Ah-Ha moment was when I was tapping with Gwen (as the volunteer) and all of a sudden felt at ease about some of my biggest fears. I realized I don’t need to be scared anymore. Tapping can help take a HUGE weight off your shoulders. It did for me!

Sarah Hildebrant

Mom Extraordinaire (Orting, WA)

I just wanted to share my beautiful tapping session with Gwen.
First of all holly shit! I have not felt this light hearted in years. It is so amazing to me that something that happened to us as children can manifest itself into this beast that controls so much of our life!  But this part of me stayed behind in this fear, sadness and anger sense I was in 3rd grade!  I had felt not good enough and stupid since that time! Holding myself back because I felt that way!
Well with Gwen’s help I was able to release it through this magical thing called tapping! I don’t have any emotional crap surrounding that memory anymore!
It is so beautiful and magical the way Gwen just knows when you need to stop with what’s happening ,what your going through, and tap so the emotional intensity can be released!
She can read the energy level of the emotions and know it’s time to tap through it!
I love myself on a whole new level in the sweetest way!
Thank you Gwen for helping me get back that beautiful intelligent little girl I hide away for so long!
Wendy Hillyer

Full Moon Farms, LLC - Cornville, AZ