facebook_-5637179991-300x221(NOTE:  This is Part II of Tapping Away STRESS that contributes to Pain and Dis-ease.  If you haven’t read Part I yet, please click HERE now and read it first.  It will give you more information about my client and her pelvic pain.)

We continue to “unpack” the emotions (Stress and Anxiety) behind the pain with EFT tapping….

I started telling her about our conscious and subconscious mind, or in layman’s terms (I’m not a therapist or a doctor).   I told her about The ICEBERG – A Simple Description of How Our Minds Work   Basically,  if we have a message in our subconscious mind (like there is an elephant in the room) and our subconscious mind controls 95% of our perception and behavior and our conscious mind only controls 5% of our perception and behavior and it’s telling us, “No there’s not.”  Which one is gonna win?

Client:  LOL!  Obviously!  Ya, I hear ya.  OK.

Gwen:  Can you see how exhausting it can be to try to hold down those emotional beach balls (again, for the sake of this discussion using the word “pretending”) that it’s not there?  Your body (your subconscious mind) is saying, “YES IT IS!” at over 100,000mph and 400 BILLION bits per second.

Client:  LOL! Right!  Right!  Right!

Gwen:  So by us consciously “pretending” that emotional feeling isn’t there isn’t’ doing us any good.   In fact, it’s actually scaring us more.  We’re trying to force it away and pretend it’s not there and we don’t feel it.  So with EFT what we are really doing is just saying “what is.”   In our conscious mind we are trying to make the energy not go THERE and in our subconscious mind is already THERE!

Gwen:  So, according to the law of attraction, what we focus on gets bigger, right?

Client:  Right.

Gwen:  So do you really want the fear of Cancer to get bigger?

Client:  No

Gwen:  Exactly!  You’re wanting to do just the opposite of what your body is really doing to you, right?  So when we focused on “what really is” while we tapped the intensity it came down from a 7 to a 3.  Wasn’t that a relief?

Client:  Oh yes it is, absolutely!

Gwen: Now, let’s go back and focus on how you are feeling about the blood in your urine?

Client:  I have more of a sense of peace about it, regardless of what it may or may not be.  I have the power to work with my doctor if I need to and deal with it at that time.

Gwen: Does it feel different?

Client:  Ya… it’s not so much of a denial.  It’s more of a… ok it may or may not be (Cancer) but whatever it is, it’s something that can be  worked through regardless.

Gwen:  Ok, good.


Gwen:  So may I ask you, why do you facilitate a Cancer Support Group?

Client:  That’s part of my job.

Gwen:  No I mean, the bigger why.  Have you been around much Cancer in your life?

Client:  Yes, my best girlfriend just passed away from Cancer two months ago.

Gwen:  So Cancer has been on your mind for a lengthy period of time?

Client:  It’s been a part of my life, yes.

Gwen:  When did it first become a part of your life?

Client:  It became an intimate part of my life when my teenage son was diagnosed 8 years ago.

Gwen:  Can you go back to that moment when you first heard that your son was diagnosed with CA?  Can you visualize or feel yourself in that particular moment?

Client:  OH YES!   I remember I was in the waiting room.  He was going in for a biopsy.  The doctor came out and told us.

Gwen:  Where do you feel it in your body now thinking back to that moment?  And can you give it an intensity number?

Client:  Equally in my chest and my stomach and YES the intensity of it right now is very strong.     I’d say it’s a 10!

Gwen:  What is the emotion in your chest and stomach?   (Trust whatever the emotion is that is popping up in your mind right now.)

Client:  I was grieving…  OVERWHELMED.

(NOTE:  According to Dr. Robert Scaer MD, Trauma Specialist and author of The Body Bears the Burden says that anytime you feel helpless, powerless or overwhelmed and you aren’t able to process it, that’s a trauma)

We tapped on…

Even though I remember that moment when the doctor came out and told us — it was overwhelming.   (Tears)  I deeply and profoundly love and value myself and completely accept how I feel.

Even though it was Cancer and I was totally overwhelmed.  I deeply and profoundly love and value myself and completely accept how I feel.

Even though it was my son, and he was only a teenager I felt absolutely overwhelmed. I don’t want to lose him

It’s Cancer.

It made me feel terrified.

I was terrified and overwhelmed

To me Cancer means pain and possible death

Pain and death

I’ve been carrying that fear and overwhelm in my body ever since that moment

Cancer is the elephant in the room.

Gwen:  Accurate?

Client:  Yes!

I didn’t want to focus on it

I wanted to stay positive

But that’s ALL I could focus on

It’s not serving me at all anymore

All that terror and all that overwhelm.  I choose to release it and let it go

Deep breath….

Gwen:  Ok.  Good job!  Now, go back to that moment in the waiting room…   Can you feel the terror and overwhelm in your chest and stomach now?

Client:  WOW!  You know while we were doing the tapping I could literally feel it lighten up in my chest!  That is amazing!  It’s barely there now.   I remember it…obviously but the emotion to it… right now my chest feels so much lighter.  It doesn’t have that heaviness that I’ve had since that moment….

Gwen:  Welcome to EFT!

Client:  Wow! (Giggle)  Whoa, that’s emotional!  WHEW!

Gwen:  My hope is that it’s emotional FREEDOM!  (SMILE)

Client:  Oh ya, I mean I’m actually tingling a little bit right now.  WOW!

Gwen:  You said the intensity is “barely there” now…

Client:  Maybe it’s a 1/2 point right now.  That’s how I’m feeling.  WOW!  That’s incredible that’s been over 8 years.

Gwen:  Ok, now go back to that moment when the doctor first told you you have blood in your urine.  Can you feel where the anxiety is now?

Client:  I would say the anxiety is a little bit in my chest area, Maybe a 2.

(NOTE:  Notice how it went from a 1/2 point up to a two when I asked about it again?  Typically that means there is another emotion, another layer of the emotional onion to tap on and clear.  It’s call another “aspect” with tapping.)

Gwen:  From a 7 to a 2?  In less than an hour.  Can you see how the doctor telling you about your sons diagnosis of Cancer 8 years ago was somehow connected subconsciously with your doctor telling YOU about the blood in YOUR urine recently and the fear that IT may be Cancer– in your body?

Client:  Oh for sure!  YA!  Emotional, yes!

Gwen:   You’re afraid of what they might find out so you’ve been holding onto that old trauma in your body (emotional beach ball) from the second you got that message in the waiting room 8 years ago.  Remember, a trauma in our body is anything that makes us feel helpless, powerless and overwhelmed and we haven’t been able to process yet.  And it CAN be that simple to process.

We are ALL carrying “emotionally loaded” past traumas into our day to day experiences.  We hold on to them for dear life because we don’t know how to let go of them. And they are completely keeping us in fear and stopping us from living our strongest lives.

To close up this session, what is your biggest Ah-Ha from doing this today?

Client:  When we were doing the tapping and I could literally feel my chest almost like a WHOOSH. the pressure like physically lifted when you said this stress and anxiety no longer serves a purpose.

Perhaps subconsciously I was thinking maybe it did serve a purpose.  But when you said that it triggered something and that’s when I felt that pressure inside of me being released.  I know that…  If somebody’s carrying something with them for so long like that and it’s manifesting, triggering, and spilling over into other areas of their lives, like me with my pelvic pain going on now.  Just connecting those dots to the original thing… it’s amazing how it’s all interconnected like that! What a relief!

Gwen:  Was your girl friend diagnosed after your son?

Client:  Yes

Gwen:  I would imagine that her (Cancer) diagnosis re triggered you to reLIVE all the terror and trauma you experienced with your son. in your body.  To reLIVE it all over again in living color…subconsciously

Client:  Ya it did.  I think after what I went thought with my son and then with my girlfriend she suffered for 5 years.  I was walking it, living it right along side of her…

When it was over, and she passed, I wanted to give back, I wanted to be able to help other people because I had experienced it, not in my own body, but as a caregiver for so long at such intensity.

Gwen:  But you DID experience it in your body EMOTIONALLY.  It was just subconsciously and you didn’t realize how much stress it was putting on YOU!

We never think about that.




bf7b13b7-1037-4ab6-867f-1ce652a09674“Seventy-five  to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.”     ~WebMD

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