What if a traumatic event happened when you were only 5 years old and no one was there to help you process and release it from your body? How long will it continue to control your life?

Are you ready to release it and let it go, at a core level?

What she had to say about our work together:

Gwen, Thank You!  Your counsel & guidance was so wise & strengthening that I feel like a whole new person.  In the space of that one-hour session, you brought out the strength in me by giving me an entirely new context to view myself.

This is so different from my sessions with other energy workers– and with the work I’ve done on myself.   In those, I felt better afterward… but sometimes in only a matter of hours… I would notice the same negative feelings overtaking me again.  As a long-time energy worker myself, I was baffled – why couldn’t I fix myself?!!

YOUR guidance led me to a position of increased strength that has lasted and lasted.   In fact, it just keeps getting better!   All this time later, I am calm and sure — and happy!

Imagine, a major change in just one session!  The new perspective that you provided for me unlocked a life-long emotional jail cell.

But I’m not just “out of prison”!   This feels like a miracle! The energy change you created in me is propelling me forward.   My former fear and doubt is GONE – changed into confidence and sure-footedness.  I’m at ease…peaceful …thriving… making plans…  and taking action!