little girl and balloonI just came across the following article “17 Signs of Childhood Sexual Injury” written by my EFT trainer, Alina Frank. I thought it may be helpful for some of you reading this or you may know someone you can pass it on to.

Many of my women entrepreneur clients are struggling with something that is keeping them stuck from being successful in their business and when we first start working together they think it is business related. However, often after some tapping, and they are able to clear the fear and see it for what it truly is, they realize that the core of it came from a childhood trauma of some type, often childhood sexual abuse. Remember a “trauma” can be anything that makes us feel “helpless, powerless or overwhelmed” especially from the perspective of a small child.  That means ALL of us are living with our traumas from childhood.  EFT tapping is especially powerful at relieving childhood traumas.

Alina’s article goes on to say, “One of the things I am frequently asked about in my practice is, How do I go about finding out if I was sexually abused or not?” (NOTE: Before reading further, please note that some of the material may be upsetting to some readers. If you find yourself triggered by this material, please either do some *Orienting Tapping (see below), stop reading the article entirely and/ or consider working with a skilled practitioner to help you through the source of those strong feelings).

Here are seventeen signs that you might have something of a sexual nature to be concerned about from your past:
1. Body issues, including fear of removing your clothes in front of another person
2. Strong sensations of anxiety that show up in your throat, such as gagging or choking
3. Addictions ranging from food related to hard drugs (prescription and non-prescription)
4. Eating disorders
5. Always wearing baggy clothes in order to hide the body
6. Self-mutilation or cutting
7. Trouble being able to express anger at others
8. Trouble being near others who are angry
9. Finding anger erotic
10. Obsession with suicidal thoughts
11. Being continually in and out of depressive moods
12. Compulsive cleanliness
13. Compulsively checking door locks
14. “Illogical” fears about particular places or people
15. Strong fear or resistance to having sex
16. Engaging in sexually risky behavior on a regular basis
17. Memory loss from childhood

“It is important to note that just because you are able to identify some of these issues in yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been sexually violated or molested. Every one of these signs can be attributed to having experienced trauma of some kind. Being kind and compassionate with yourself as you start the process of asking what might have happened is by far the most important aspect of dealing with this.”

“Memory loss is the sign or symptom that many find the most disconcerting, so let me talk about why this happens and what it means. It has been said that the biggest red flag in childhood sexual abuse is memory loss. Neuroscience shows that episodic memories before age four are almost impossible to access consciously, and this is referred to as Childhood Infantile Amnesia. Our minds have the capacity to keep some things conscious and others that may be difficult to deal with unconscious. This helps us move on with our lives instead of constantly re-living past negative experiences.”

“Sexually charged memories often come up as fragments or snippets of information. Someone may come to me with only a picture of themselves scared in bed, or hiding in a closet, or perhaps with the thought of a seemingly innocuous item such as a teddy bear. What these snippets have in common is that for the person, they are disturbing or anxiety provoking. Suppressed memories are those that we feel are coming up to the surface that we want to consciously reject. Repressed memories are those that we don’t even know are there. Delayed recall memories are those in which you will at some point in the future be able to have conscious memory of. Often times with EFT, clients will feel a sense of safety and then they are able to have access to things they never remembered before.”

“I once worked with a young man who was beaten for playing doctor with a young girl friend from school when he was a child . What was conscious for this client was that he was taking his pants off in an attic when he was about 5 years old. That’s it. He was terrified of what he’d find if he allowed himself to remember. At the same time he felt terrified of continuing his life without knowing. After we tapped on the memory, he was able to recall the complete memory. He actually did take his pants off, the little girl took her dress off. They laid there next to each other and then she said, “We are making a baby”. That’s it.”

“As they were about to put their clothes back on his mother came in and saw them. Later when his father came home from work, he was beaten. His mind had prevented him from accessing the entire memory because of the beating. One of the ways to use EFT for yourself in these situations is to tap on what you feel about the gaps in memory, the fear that there might be something bigger that you aren’t aware of, and finding a way to love and accept yourself either way.”

“I’ve come to realize that sometimes fear is just fear. Sometimes the negative experience can be from the aftermath of an event more than the actual event. And sometimes there is a blaze in the horizon when smoke is detected.” ~Alina Frank

If you are questioning yourself after reading this article and have experienced or are currently experiencing any of the above 17 signs and would like to get some relief I invite you to email me at to schedule your Complimentary 30 Minute phone or Skype Chat to see if EFT and Your Strongest Life Emotional Freedom coaching may be a good fit for you.   Get out of your own emotional way so you can make THE unique difference you are here to make. I look forward to hearing from you.


*Orienting Tapping
The evolution of the brain dictates that the first question we ask in ANY new situation is, “Am I safe?” With lightning speed the reptilian part of your brain scans people, the environment, the energy in the room, the smells, etc to determine whether you’re okay to proceed or not.

Look up the word orient and you’ll see that to orient is to determine one’s place in reference to another point. I imagine the great explorers looking out over the ocean and wondering where they are. Assessing the environment and asking where you are gives your nervous system the opportunity to say, “I am in a room with people who aren’t out to destroy me.” When you orient, you are literally taking in all the external stimuli and you come back into the present moment. Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger, created Orienting for those with a history of trauma and it’s a fantastic way for drawing you back into your body and gaining almost instantaneous peace.

To do EFT Orienting, tap on your Karate Chop point continuously. While tapping, begin to look around the room you are in. Take in the color, pattern, texture, and shape of everything in that room from ceiling to floor to people. This is done very slowly. Once your brain has taken in enough information about the environment and knows that you are safe, you will likely sense an involuntary sigh. Some people sigh almost immediately while others take a bit longer.

I use this technique when I have a client who is activated, at the start of a session to ground him or her, to bring a person’s attention back into the room, and for them to attain a deep sense of peace. I might verbally guide them to keep their eyes open and scanning if they are really activated.

Practice orienting next time you have a disturbing phone call, when you’re stuck in traffic, when you find your mind wandering to a fearful situation, experience anxiety, or need to connect with the present moment in a quick and easy way.   ~Taken from Alina Franks website Tap Your Power With Alina