She called and said that she had been repeating the same ol patterns…   “I’m attaching myself to unavailable men and leaving myself unavailable to me.”   After a few questions and a bit of tapping we were able to find the childhood program, an uncomfortable experience that happened on her 16th birthday that caused her to feel and behave that way.

At the end of the session she sounded kind of giddy and said, “Ohhhh… I feel like I’m floating!”  It felt like she had released so much!!   I love what I do, being able to help women process and release those uncomfortable traumatic feelings that they’ve been carrying around in their bodies for all of those years that are no longer serving them!

“Through tapping and Gwen’s Inner Child Advocate guidance, I learned to have my adult self, tell my inner child that it’s OK to do things differently than the way I was raised.  My parents taught me the best they knew how at the time and this method is no longer serving us and it’s okay to move along.  My adult now knows how to reassure my child that she, the adult self, is there for the child self.

I find myself saying out loud, “It’s OK, we can do this our way now.  I’m here for you.”

Moving out of my own emotional way!  Liberating.”

I TRULY love what I do!!

Happy Tapping.