Recordings: UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks

The following recordings are those of my FREE Tapping Teleseminars allowing you to be a little birdie on the wall listening to what it’s like to be part of a tapping group.  Or you can tap along and experience Borrowing Benefits – simply tapping along with someone else on their issues, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues.

8-21-14 RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks teleseminar

Nancy & Heather were volunteers. Nancy started with, “I’ve had periods of prosperity when everything was in the flow and effortless and then periods when I feel guilt and shame because of bankruptcy a few years ago. After my dad died increasing panic.”

Listen to find out where her “I have a need to hold onto this money panic & stress” came from and the stress relief she felt from the tapping.

Heather: I’ve had abundance, wealth & so on, and co-created it with a partner (my former husband) However, I’m afraid of what happens when I’m on my own. Somewhere along the line I’m not trusting myself.”

Listen in to learn how, at the end of the call she felt like “I’m in all one piece again, like my whole energy center is lined up now.”  Click HERE to listen.

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9-4-14 RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks teleseminar

Thank you to Eliana for volunteering and tapping on her “gut wrenching worry” about her money situation and allowing me to help her bring it down from an intensity of an 8 to a 2 in ONLY about 25 minutes.

Listen to the call and hear her Ah-Ha about how “The similarity to what is happening now in my life to what happened during that helpless moment around money in my family when I was ONLY 7 years old… It’s shocking!”  Click HERE to listen.

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9-9-14 RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks teleseminars

(NOTE: Long pause before call starts. Please be patient.)

Jen taps on her feelings about how it feels like “I’m always chasing money. It doesn’t come as freely to me as it does for others.”   And “Feeling defeated.”

Listen to the call and hear her Ah-Ha at the end of the call about how “I became very aware of the real deep nugget of guilt I’ve been carrying around and what you resist really does persist.”   Click HERE to listen.

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9-11-14 RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks teleseminar

Started off tapping with Denise, reducing her anxiety about being embarrassed about being on the call and having to talk in front of everyone. Then tapped on her “Not having enough money” issues.

Find out how we were able to take the “frustration” in her stomach from a “6” intensity down to a “0.”

Also listen to what the others had to say about what they experienced with borrowing benefits while tapping along with Denise.   Click HERE to listen.

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9-27-14 RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks teleseminar

Val volunteered to tap. She started out talking about how she was the co-owner of her business and money flowed well.  However, she was ready for some changes, mostly to break up the partnership with her sister but when their biggest client of 20 years “dropped 80% of their business overnight, with no notice” she was “frustrated, angry and shocked!”

Find out what happened by listening to the recording….  Click HERE to listen.

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