Recordings: Go Out And Love Something goals

The following recordings are those of my FREE Tapping Teleseminars allowing you to be a little birdie on the wall listening to what it’s like to be part of a tapping group.  Or you can tap along and experience Borrowing Benefits – simply tapping along with someone else on their issues, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues.

Recording of the Tapping into your Go Out And Love Something goals Teleseminar

Kim:  Wants to work in a Health and Wellness business but her “yes buts…” are still really strong…

As we tapped we uncovered a painful memory and took the intensity down.  When she was 15 her dad found her vitamins and supplements hidden under her bed and got really mad.  He told her that she was stupid and it was a waste of her money and threw them all away.

Listen below to the recording below to find out what happened.

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