Have you ever set a goal, or a new years resolution with good intentions?  Yet in a week or maybe even a few days, you do something to sabotage yourself and your goal goes by the wayside?  You start beating yourself up.  Do you think that there is just something defective about you that is causing that?  Well, let me ease your mind. That’s not it at all.

I’d like to take a minute and share a general overview of how our minds actually work.

CONSCIOUS MIND:  Our conscious mind, the part of our mind where we dream dreams, set intentions and plan out goals, controls ONLY 5% of our perception and behavior.

It moves at a speed of about 130 mph and if it were a computer hard drive about 2,000 bits per second.

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: However, our subconscious mind , the part that keeps our heart beating, our liver filtering and our cells dividing, etc… (I like to say that this is the part that we don’t have to put on our to-do list, WHEW! thank goodness!  :-D) controls 95% of our perception and behavior.  And it moves at a speed of over 100,000 mph and 400 BILLION bits per second.

So, you can stop beating yourself up for that self sabotaging behavior. If you set a goal in your conscious mind (controlling ONLY 5% of your perception and behavior)  and your subconscious mind (controlling 95% of your perception and behavior) has a program that “believes” the opposite, which one do you imagine will WIN?

Exactly!  The belief in your subconscious mind will WIN, hands down!  It’s not humanly possible to do any differently.   However, there is a reason for it and with EFT Tapping we are working with a mind/ body connection and have the key to unlock that automatic behavior.