Everyone experiences traumatic events; it is not the presence of trauma but how an individual deals with a traumatic event that determines the impact it will have on his or her life.
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FEARS & PHOBIA relief for Friday the 13th
<< Test First Name >>  In honor of Friday the 13th I’d like to offer you a tapping session to clear your FEAR or PHOBIA…

Friday the 13th, according to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Ashville, NC, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the US are affected by a fear of this day making it the most feared day and date in history. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. “It’s been estimated that [US] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day”

EFT works amazingly well with FEARS & PHOBIAS. You may not be afraid of Friday the 13th itself, however, there are many, many debilitating fears that keep us stuck from living our strongest life.   As you may remember I worked with Nicole, a therapist, a few months back.  She suffered with a severe fear of snakes most of her life and tried to do something to relieve it for 18 years!  After just one EFT session she was able to do this (see picture) at her son’s birthday party with the Reptile Man!  Her family and friends thought it was a miracle!!

Also, we were able to clear my husband’s lifelong claustrophobia in 4 minutes.  Seriously! It’s been gone now for 5 years! And I’ve lost my fear/ terror of bridges… and WALKED the Narrows bridge in Tacoma 3 years ago!  Too many other stories to share here…

Are you suffering needlessly with a fear or phobia that you are ready to be done with?  Now is the perfect time!

I have 3 spots open.  If you are a women entrepreneur (or know one) struggling with a FEAR or PHOBIA that is preventing you from living Your Strongest Life  I’d like to offer you a $97 session (with a guarantee, if your fear or phobia is one that I can help you with I will work with you for that price until it is gone if it takes longer than an hour).

Deadline to request your session via email is midnight Friday June 13th. Please email me now at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com and put “Friday the 13th” in the subject line and in addition to your name, email address, and phone number please list what the fear or phobia is that you would like to be free from.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you clear your fear!


PS  If you know someone else who could benefit from this offer, please pass it on….  Only 3 spots available on a first come first served basis.  Deadline to register midnight Friday June 13th.

Remember, Fear is expensive….  Emotional Freedom is priceless!

When to Tap?
Tap every time you have a negative emotion. Tap every time you have a physical pain. Tap when you catch yourself in negative self-talk. Tap while reading an upsetting e-mail.  Mercedes has a job she hated. She felt sad, depressed, and trapped, with an empty feeling in her stomach.

Mercedes tapped every time she had that empty feeling in her stomach.  A few weeks later she still didn’t love her job, but she recognized that there were some things about it she liked.  She was much calmer and said she saw more choices and now had the energy to look for another job.  Notice that Mercedes picked one specific feeling to tap for — the empty feeling in her stomach — that was indicative of her problem with her job.  She kept her tapping simple and she was consistent.    ~Ann Adams & Karin Davidson

Do you have something in your life that EFT could help with?  I’m sure you do – we all do!  We are human.   Happy tapping!

The Saturday June 14th event with Nicole & I has been postponed…
I sent out a MARK YOUR CALENDAR notice that Nicole Coope, Work Life Balance expert and I were planning an event on Saturday morning June 14th from 10:00am to noon.   Unfortunately we have to cancel it due to some unforeseen circumstances.  We hope to reschedule in July.  Please keep a look out for further info…
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