Did you know that females more commonly suffer from phobias than males?  Phobias are very common (having them does not mean you’re crazy!) and it also helps to know that phobias are highly treatableYou CAN overcome your anxiety and fear, no matter how out of control it feels right now

phobiasI used to be terrified of bridges!  (Well, the combination of heights, water and bridges)  I had a hard time sleeping the night before I knew I would be driving over the Narrows bridge in the neighboring town of Tacoma.  I could feel my heart beating fast and my body was on high alert.  The closer to the bridge we got and I could see the tips of the bridge peaking over the top of the trees and I knew it was right around the corner — BAM! the fear gripped my body.   If I was the passenger I would close my eyes and try not to freak out.  If I was driving I wanted to close my eyes but since that wasn’t a good idea I would just stare straight ahead, terrified that if I looked anywhere else the car would drive right over the guardrails and into the water.  With my hands clenched to the wheel, heart pounding, sweaty, white knuckles and all.

After my EFT training I realized I didn’t have that queasy sick feeling about heights anymore.   It seemed to be just gone.  That was so strange.  Where did it go? I thought to myself.  I must have gotten borrowing benefits when tapping along with someone else on their fear because I never did it specifically for myself.  The power of EFT!   I told my husband about it  and he suggested we walk the Narrows bridge to “prove” that my fear of heights was gone.  I was shocked that I wasn’t even triggered when he said that!  The Narrows is a 5,000 foot suspension bridge built back in 1940.  There was a problem and 4 months after it opened the bridge collapsed during a windstorm and was affectionately nicknamed “Gallopin Gertie”.   As a small child in elementary school we watched the film of the bridge swaying madly and falling into the water and apparently it affected me subconsciously much more than I ever realized and it affected me on all bridges.

A few months later, on my birthday,  I actually walked the bridge, all the way over and back, leaning against and looking over the railing and everything!  I kept feeling like I was going to have fear, but I never did.  It was beautiful!  I’d never been able to look at the sun sparkling off the water and the people enjoying the day in the boats below before.  Not even close!  Now I can be in the middle of the bridge as we are driving over and enjoying the view.  I have absolutely no fearful reaction in my body at all! True emotional freedom!

Are any of the fears and phobias listed below negatively impacting your life or the life of a friend or family member?

1)  Aviophobiaan irrational fear of flying
2)  Achluophobia – an irrational fear of the dark
3)  Acrophobia – an irrational fear of heights
4)  Arachnaphobia – an irrational fear of spiders
5)  Claustrophobia – an irrational fear of being in small confined spaces
6)  Glossophobia – an irrational fear of public speaking
7)  Mysophobia — an irrational fear of germs
8)  Ophidiophobia – an irrational fear of reptiles / snakes

  • Are they causing you intense and disabling fear, anxiety and panic?
  • Do you recognize that your fear is excessive & unreasonable yet you are unable to control it?
  • Do you avoid certain situations and places because of your phobia?
  • Is your avoidance interfering with your normal routine or causing significant distress?
  • Have you had the phobia for at least six months?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and are suffering needlessly with fear, anxiety and panic — and are ready to clear  them at a deep level once and for all — I invite you to sign up now!

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Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or more commonly called Tapping  clients have told me that one session of EFT = 100 hours of talk therapy.  I know that to be true because it’s worked for me!  It works because we are able to use the mind body connection and work directly and effectively with your subconscious mind.  Talk therapy focuses directly on our conscious minds.

Sessions are done via the phone from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office and works in most cases.

Success Stories:

Freedom from Fear of Small Wiggly Things:

One of my clients, a relative, was terrified of small wiggly animals, especially puppies and kittens. She spent her life making sure that there weren’t small animals anywhere she went or she would be GONE!  She “managed” this fear more or less by just avoiding little wiggly things for over 40 years. However, her fear was a lot of work. She spent so much energy on high alert, watching out for, and avoiding, little animals, it was exhausting!

One day there was a birthday party scheduled at a family member’s house in my neighborhood. She knew that there had been a new litter of kittens born at that house so she called and asked if she could come to my house instead. We started talking about her FEAR and she got VERY upset, screaming, squealing and kicking the floor in the car on the way over.  We decided to do some EFT to see if we could relieve some of her fear. When I asked for the intensity number from 0 (no fear) to 10 (very high fear) she told me it was a 45+!!!  As we tapped the intensity of her fear went down we uncovered a traumatic experience she had as a child.

Born and raised in another country where cats were thought of as mousers and NOT as cute and cuddly family members like they are here in the US. One day as a little girl, she went to her closet and reached in to get some clothes that were laying on the floor. She touched a mama cat with her newly born baby kittens all warm, wet and wiggly. It completely traumatized her! She pulled her hand back and raced out of the room! From that moment on, she was TERRIFIED of little wiggly things: kittens, puppies, hamsters, etc.

We were able to take the sting out of body.  I pulled a picture of a kitten up on my laptop and she was able to look at it’s face, it’s nose & whiskers for the very first time!  (She said that she had never been able to look at a tiny kitty or puppy before that momentPrior to that moment her terror was too great to even open her eyes.  Then she was able to watch a YouTube video of a mama kitty feeding her babies and was even able to touch the screen.  She was in awe…no real emotional charge…just the memory of it!  Her emotional charge was a ZERO!

We decided that GRADUATION would be to go to the birthday party, together, to test out her new found emotional freedom (even though she wasn’t very sure that it would work with a REAL kitten.) Remember, before she would never even walk into a house where she knew baby kittens or puppies were!

She sat at the kitchen table talking with family members. I went to get the kitten, held it while leaning against the kitchen sink, petting it. I could see she was seeing me out of the corner of her eye but nothing was said. Her husband (who knew what was happening) came over, stood next to me, took the kitten, held and petted it. Still nothing was said. The party went on. About 2 hours later they were getting ready to leave and I went over to hug her good bye and I asked how she was doing. Her emotional charge was still ZERO!

Over the course of the next year and a half she would report back to me with phone calls and texts every time she would encounter a small wiggly thing. NO EMOTIONAL CHARGE!

FOLLOW UP NOTE: Almost 2 years after this happened I got a new puppy and she only weighed 3 lbs. My client came to my house, still a little timid that something may have changed back and her fear would have returned. She sat next to me on the couch and calmly petted my puppy.  She was even able to pick the puppy up and hold her on her lap! STILL no emotional charge at all, all this time later!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Freedom from Fear of Snakes

When Nicole, a licensed mental health therapist, and I first met for coffee we had lots to talk about. She was reading about EFT.

She mentioned her terror of snakes and she was planning a birthday party for her son…. in 3 days!  They had invited The Reptile Man!! The look on her face  told the whole story…she was TERRIFIED!!

We scheduled a session.

On her questionnaire she wrote, “I’m all set and excited about today! Must admit, a bit nervous as well, as I really want it to work and my negative voice says, ‘I will be the exception to the norm“, and “that sounds nice but it is never going to happen, my fear is too deep.”  The day of her session she said the intensity was in her Chest. (On a scale of “0′′ being NO emotional charge and “10′′ being a HUGE emotional charge), it was a 10 PLUS!!! She said, “If I were to see a snake….it feels like my heart would pop out of my body!!!”

After our call when I asked her what her biggest Ah-Ha was about the session she responded, “I didn’t have any idea it was actually my little inner 5 year old’s imagined fear that was the scariest moment! I realize now how I was being held back. It’s not that way anymore!“

Her response after the party:  “Okay, are you ready for this — he brought a cobra, rattle snake, milk snake, baby anaconda and a yellow 6 foot python all my PREVIOUS fears. I never escalated, my family was amazed. I only slightly elevated when I allowed the Reptile Man to wrap the python around my neck for a family picture!!!! Thank you for freedom, Gwen!!! xoxo“

What have you got to lose except your fears and phobias?

Hugs!   Gwen

PS   Remember, EFT is NOT talk therapy, it’s like emotional acupuncture without needles, a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology.  We use our own fingertips to gently tap on the acupressure points turning down or off the threat response in our brain and bodies that is negatively impacting our lives and no longer serving us.

Fears are expensive…
Emotional Freedom is priceless!