What happens when you try to hold a beach ball under the water?

It tries to pop bak up, doesn’t it?Beach-Balls

Ok so what if you have 5 beach balls and they are big beach balls, unruly and bobbing around trying to come back up?

  • One under your right hand
  • One under your left hand
  • One under your right elbow
  • One under your left elbow
  • And what if you are balancing on one leg trying to                                                         hold a beach ball under your knee>

Where is all of your energy going?  In holding all those beach balls down, right?

So what if that is what we are actually doing when we are trying to hold down messages from our critical voice (you know, that little voice that’s telling you that you don’t HAVE a critical voice as you are reading this right now!  SMILE) and the deep inner beliefs that we aren’t doing something quite right, or we aren’t good enough, it’s not safe to put ourselves out there or whatever that little voice is telling you.

What if there was a way to slow down and relax the fear and anxiety of looking at those emotional beach balls?

What if you were able to safely take a look at those emotional beach balls and if they were no longer serving you — POP them!?

What might your life be like?