Sometimes I get myself so twisted in a knot, feeling so desperate to figure something out, my heart pounds, I feel panic in my body, I feel like I’m running out of time and I can’t think straight.   Have you ever felt that way?

StressFreeZoneThe more I stress about it the more and more desperate I become.  I can feel a burning sensation in my chest and the more I try to “figure it out” the more desperate I feel. The harder I try the more intense it feels.  My body is reacting out the fear and anxiety triggered by my flight or flight mechanism: my  amydgdala, the little almond shaped stress mechanism in my brain.  My heart beats faster, my muscles tense, my bloodstream fills with the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, the blood leaves the thinking part of my brain to rush into my arms and legs to prepare to fight back or run away.  With that limited amount of blood in my brain I am unable to think clearly and that keeps me stuck in the fear and anxiety of desperately trying to figure it out!

If this ever happens to you and you’d like a tool to help you to calm down quickly and get out of this viscous circle I’d like to offer you a basic tapping script that has helped me.  (Remember, tapping sessions are as unique as you are and this is a general script to be used as an example.  When working together I’m able to customize the tapping exactly for you and your specific needs.)

I know it may feel difficult to take the time to tap when you are feeling so desperate, however tapping can help you calm down physically allowing you  to think more clearly and creatively in a relatively short amount of time…

If you are new to tapping I invite you to watch the 3 minute How to Tap video on the home page first.  Then see where you can “feel” that desperation in your body.  You know, when you get your buttons pushed you all of a sudden get that whoosh of intense energy thorough your body?  The common spots we feel it is:

  • tension in your head
  • tears
  • burning in your nose
  • a lump in your throat
  • pressure or tension in your chest
  • sick or nervous feeling in your stomach
  • tightness or tension in your neck and shoulders

Found it?

Ok, now give it an intensity number.  (0=NO emotional charge and 10=a HUGE emotional charge)

Great!  Now, let’s tap….

(Karate chop)

Even though I feel so desperate to figure it out, I choose to accept how I feel.

Even though I feel desperate to figure it out NOW, the harder I try the worse it gets, I completely choose to accept how I feel.

Even though I feel this desperate feeling that I HAVE to figure it out NOW.  I’m running out of time and it feels so stressful.   I deeply and completely accept how I feel.

(Eyebrow)  I feel so desperate

(Side of Eye) desperate to figure it out

(Under Eye)  I feel so desperate

(Under Nose)  I feel like I’m running out of time

(Chin)  The harder I try the worse it gets

(Collar Bone)  All this desperation in my body

(Under Arm)  I’m open to the possibly that I’m safe right now

(Top of Head) I choose to release it and let it go


(Eyebrow)  This desperate fear that I’m running out of time

(Side of Eye)  This desperate feeling in my body

(Under Eye)  I’m open to the possibility that I’m safe

(Under Nose)  I choose to release this panic

(Chin) In every cell of my body, every fiber in my being

(Collar Bone)  It’s not serving me anymore

(Under Arm)   I choose to release it and let it go right now

(Top of Head)   What a relief


Take a deep breath….

Now go back to the thing in your minds eye about how you originally felt with the Desperate to Figure it out feeling in your body.  What is the intensity number now?  Did it go up?  Did it go down?  The intention is for it to come down.  However, sometimes it helps you to zero in to something else that is causing stress for you that you can tap on.  What specific incident or event popped into your mind while you were tapping?  That is very likely your next tapping round.

If you’d like to learn more, please email me at for your complimentary 30 minute phone or Skype chat.  Let me share with you what I can do to help you get out of your own emotional way and answer your questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!