Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!   In celebration of our sister women entrepreneurs around the world making a difference!

Make it a wonderful day!


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          If you could just get out of your own emotional way,

you are your own worst enemy.

One day, about 14 years ago, sitting in my therapist’s office continuing to search desperately for answers… why did I feel so bad about myself and  how could I stop emotionally beating myself up!  Then she said something  that caught me off-guard “well, yes you are a victim of child abuse…” and went about describing the homework she was asking me to do for the following week as if this “child abuse thing” was common knowledge.Beach Balls -2

WAIT I stopped hearing her!

I instantly felt disconnected, “ME??  Child abuse?  Naaa….” Then I felt the reaction in my body. It gripped my gut and I instantly felt fear, the need to back pedal everything I’d told her up to this point. I felt like I HAD to protect my mom. She was my mom after all!  That terrified little child inside felt that if I didn’t protect my mom, I would get in big trouble and get hit with the wooden paddle again.

The more it sank in… child abuse??…. really?… Is that really what that was? All this time I thought there was something wrong with ME, “I” had been doing something wrong. “I” wasn’t good enough. “I” was the bad little girl. That’s what my mom always implied. I thought she had been right about all those things she had growled at me for when she was angry, and hitting me with the wooden paddle, the shaming comments “you’re just crying to get attention” or the angry wagging finger in my face “you SHOULD be ashamed of yourself!”

Child abuse? This couldn’t be child abuse, could it? It wasn’t THAT bad. I wasn’t getting hit… well, sometimes. It wasn’t sexual… well, then there was THAT time… It WAS pretty emotional!  The doubts and confusions were swirling in my head like the scary things flying past the window in the storm scene of the Wizard of Oz… even though I knew somewhere deep inside she was right.

Childhood Trauma –What is it Really?

According to Dr. Robert Scaer MD, trauma specialist, a trauma can be anytime we’ve felt helpless, powerless or overwhelmed or when our safety or the safety of someone we loved was threatened.

The following are some common events that may cause childhood traumas:

• Parents divorcing when you’re young
• Financial struggles in the family
• Serious illness or death of a parent, grandparent or sibling
• Being adopted
• Being born with a birth trauma or defect
• Having problems at school
• Abandonment issues
• Sexual, physical or emotional abuse (even mild)
• Sibling issues (birth order, rivalry, teasing or competition)
• Living with alcoholic, drug addicted or depressed parents
• Growing up with emotionally distant or absent parents
• Living with parents or caregivers who were critical, controlling or demanding

From the perspective of a small child these events and experiences can be terrifying, traumatizing and life altering.

I call them emotional beach balls.

When we are busy trying to subconsciously “stuff” and hold down all those old painful memories and emotions from childhood such as fear, shame, guilt, sadness, feeling unworthy and unloved, etc. it’s like trying to hold a beach ball under the water.  It keeps trying to pop back up again.  The more emotional beach balls we are trying to hold down, the more they drain our energy.

Then we grow up and decide to start a business… we want to help others, while we desperately keep trying to hold down our own invisible beach balls.  Many of us as women entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference in the world have experienced some type of trauma or wound in our own lives (often in childhood) or have witnessed something ugly in the world, not necessarily to us but to other people that we cared about, and it made us want to do something about it. Many of us have read every self help book and spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in talk therapy only to be disappointed and continue to struggle and feel stuck.

As successful entrepreneur Ali Brown says, “There’s no better personal development tool than starting your own business.”  Starting your own business is often a perfect environment to bring up all of those personal beach balls to deal with or as I like to say, gives us an “opportunity” to heal those childhood trauma’s.

The Good News:

• What if we could let the air out of those beach balls safely, relatively quickly and often permanently?

• What if we didn’t have to go back and slosh through all the gory details re-traumatizing ourselves all over again?

• What if we could take the physical “sting” out of the memories and experience them from a different, more manageable perspective?

• What if we could begin to live our lives through the lens of strength, confidence and empowerment vs helplessness and overwhelm?

• How might that change our day-to-day lives, in our relationships and our businesses, now and in the future?

Now with the help of EFT Tapping I am able to help you to let go of the leftover childhood fears, traumas and debilitating limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck today.

As an Advanced Level EFT Practitioner and Inner Child Advocate, I am extremely passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs like yourself advocate on behalf of that scared little child inside who has been running YOUR business and dealing with YOUR finances. 

Let’s help HER to clear the inner emotional blocks and obstacles that are keeping HER stuck such as:

  • fear of failure,
  • fear of rejection,
  • fear of putting herself out there,
  • fear of looking foolish or
  • being less than perfect
  • and even fear of success

…allowing YOU to make THE difference YOU are here to make and live Your Strongest Life.

The world needs you!

Are YOU really ready to get out of your own emotional way?  I invite you to email me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com to schedule your complimentary 30 minute chat.  Your inner child will thank you. She doesn’t have to do this all alone anymore!



PS  I’d love to hear your thoughts below… let’s get a conversation going.  My experience with Emotional Freedom coaching is that we are more alike than different and that MOST of us have had some childhood trauma’s that are holding us back as women entrepreneurs today, even if many of them are invisible and stored in our subconscious. (The number one question I get asked when women are considering if YSL is a good match for them or not is, “What if I don’t know what to tap on?”  Exactly!  Most people don’t.  That’s the beauty of EFT, you don’t have to!  As we calm you body down, and it feels safe, it does all the work for you!  As your tour guide, I just ask the right questions!)

We just think we are the only ones that feel messed up, and that everyone else has their act together.  Well, I assure you, that is not true!  I KNOW I’m a work in progress and it’s wonderful to have a tool like EFT on our side!

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