Did you experience an event, or events, as a child

that threw your entire life off track?





Are we a good fit to work together?

Reading the quote at the top of the page… does it instantly take you back to a specific memory or series of memories of a time long ago when someone important in your life did or said something that felt very traumatic for you as a child? 

…and they are still haunting you regardless of how much personal growth work you’ve done

As an Inner Child Advocate we may be a good fit to work together if:

–You keep yourself so busy so you don’t have time to think about your past

–You have a hard time accepting compliments

–You get triggered and get your feelings hurt easily

–You are easily overwhelmed

–You experience bouts of self doubt and low self esteem

–You have a pretty critical inner voice that says some pretty nasty things to you on a regular basis.

–You struggle with making decisions, fearful that you will  make the wrong one

–You struggle with and try to avoid conflict at all costs

–It’s easier for you to give than to receive

–You get mad at yourself and emotionally beat yourself up

–You struggle and sometimes feel undeserving of getting your needs met.

–You are an over achiever, often worrying about what others are thinking of you.

–You have a tendency to over explain what you do or have a hard time saying NO

–You get caught in “shame storms”

–You struggle with feelings of not being good enough or (smart, pretty, thin enough) etc…

and many more…

You feel like you’ve come a long way because of all the personal work you’ve done, and intellectually you feel like you “get it,” yet the pain keeps rearing it’s ugly head regardless of how hard you try to keep it buried and when triggered it’s still as alive and raw in your body as when it first happened?

Plus, we might be an even better fit to work together if you are ready to get out of your own emotional way and make THE difference you are here to make.   You’ve been trying to build your entrepreneurial business but  things from the past and the list above keep getting in your way…

I totally get it, I’ve experienced that too!  Let’s talk….



If you can relate to any of the above and you are ready, once and for all, to get to the heart of the matter and get some REAL relief….  we may be a great fit to work together!

To schedule your one hour introductory phone or video chat session done from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office please email me at yourstrongestlife@gmail.com