• Did you grow up with parents who were drug addicted or alcoholic?
  • Have you lost a biological parent to separation, divorce or death?
  • Did you grow up with a parent who was depressed or suffered with mental illness?
  • Or anything else that caused you a great deal of stress?

Do you seem to struggle with relationships, self esteem, or confidence issues?

Feel passionate to make a difference in the world but can’t seem to get to the next level with your business or financially?

Or do you feel like you continue to sabotage yourself in the same ol’ “here we go again”, or “how did I get here again?” sort of way.

Have you experienced a lot of counseling and/or talk therapy and felt like you weren’t making much progress?  Regardless of how many ways you’ve tried to shift it, you seem to be stuck in the same ol’ rut.

Often times what we are struggling with today has roots back to childhood.

Are you ready to get to the core issues and shift them once and for all?

Then this package is right for you!

Over the course of just 90 Days (12 sessions) from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office we will help you get to the root cause of the stress & struggle and shift it at a core level once and for all.

You will understand the amazing benefits that EFT provides and come away with the tools you need to go forward in your life without the stress, anxiety or fear that’s holding you back.

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