Post Traumatic Wisdom


I've been reading the book, What Happened to You? co-written by Oprah and Dr Bruce Perry.  There is so much powerful information and so many great snippets to share.  This morning the term Post Traumatic Wisdom  jumped out at me and reminded me of tapping and I couldn't wait to share.  (Plus I'm learning how to work my blog posts. :-D).

"When we think of trauma we think of the negative experiences.  However, in many cases people learn and grow from these experiences.  You figure out how to carry the pain that doesn’t interfere with your ability to be loving, to be productive and creative. And in many cases I think  that that pain becomes fuel for the productivity and the creativity

Many times when I see people suffer is they are in denial about what happened to them in the past. Or they want to create a facade around what happened to them in the past. The thing that has been the most freeing to me is being able to be truthful about it, to own it and to not only own it but to use it as leverage for growth for myself and...

"The thing that I didn’t get growing up is what I most wanted to give as an adult."

"Everything that has happened to you can be a strength builder for you if you allow it.  You take that pain, once you have acknowledged it, what it is and where it came from. The people who did whatever they did to you, that is the past. And now  you're willing to take that pain and use it as your own personal power is what post traumatic wisdom is all about. "


With tapping I talk about letting go of the pain and keeping the wisdom.

Are you reading this book?  I'd love to hear your feedback





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