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8-21-14 RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks with Nancy & Heather as volunteers.  Nancy started with, “I’ve had periods of prosperity when everything was in the flow and effortless and then periods when I feel guilt and shame because of bankruptcy a few years ago.  After my dad died increasing panic.  Ah-Ha: I have to hold onto this money panic & stress because if I let it go that means I’m letting my love for my dad go.  This sadness is worth keeping my money issues if it means keeping him alive in some way.” Heather: I could have abundance, wealth & so on, and co-create it with a partner (my former husband) Yahoo!  But what happens when I’m on my own?  Somewhere along the line I’m not trusting myself.”  Ah-Ha:  Feeling in all one piece like my whole energy center is lined up now.”  RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks Thank you to our own Eliana for being the volunteer and tapping on your “gut wrenching worry” about your money situation and allowing me to help you bring it down from an 8 intensity to a 2 in about 25 minutes. Her Ah-Ha: “The similarity to what is happening now in my life to what happened during that helpless moment around money in my family when I was ONLY 7 years old!”

9-9-14  RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks (NOTE: Long pause before call starts. Please be patient.)   Jen taps on “Always chasing money. It doesn’t come as freely to me as it does for others.” “Feeling defeated.”  Her Ah-Ha at the end of the call was the real deep nugget of guilt and what you resist persists.

9-11-14  RECORDING of UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks  Started off tapping with Denise and reducing her anxiety about being embarrassed about being on the call and having to talk in front of everyone.  Then tapped on her “Not having enough money” issues. Took the frustration in her stomach from a “6” intensity down to a “0.”  Others chimed in afterwards on what they experienced with borrowing benefits while Denise was tapping.

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TO REGISTER:  simply send an email with UNLOCK Your $ Blocks in the subject line, and your name and email to and the conference call number will be emailed back to you.

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