Friends: A client of mine who is also a writer, after taking my UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks 6 week program, wrote up an overview of her experiences. Over the next 6 weeks I will be sharing them with you, one per week, in case you or someone you know could benefit from my work.

    Session 1

“I described my apparent inability to deal with money, from my current situation all the way back to when I was a teenager: I could never hold on to it, it always felt like I shouldn’t have it in the first place and I’ve never ever felt at ease with it. At the same time, I’ve always ended up in situations where I had to be responsible for the household income. Gwen listened, asked clarifying questions, jotted down a few things, and by the time I had finished my sorry tale, she was ready to tap with me: she’s a brilliant guide who homes straight in on what’s essential. I think what shocked me the most was a sudden blindingly obvious connection with an aspect of my dad’s life, in a way that I’d never have thought of. The other “aha” was an overwhelming reason why I would choose to remain broke right now: for the first time in my life, Mom is offering me unconditional support – not love exactly, but still! Why would I want to give that up?? I yawned and yawned and the release (of stuck energy) was tremendous.
Coming from a family where “money” plays a central role (Dad was a bank director, Mom worked in a bank, 3 of us 4 children trained as bankers…) I use “money” to compensate for the still unresolved and unmet needs of my early life, and “absence of money” to set me apart from family values I do not align with. Now that I can see this, it’s no longer such a desperate mess.

The panic about my current situation, which was a 10+ and felt like a rigid shield all the way down the front of my body when we started, has gone. I came out of the session feeling hopeful – I CAN change this!”

If you are having money related issues perhaps it goes deeper than you realize. I invite you top consider spending 6 weeks to UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks. Email me at to learn more.


PS Next week hear about Gitta’s Ah-Ha moments in her 2nd Session…

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