Tap into REAL Stress Relief in 2014

Stress Free Zone

Tap into REAL Stress Relief in 2014 Special BONUSES 7 DAYS ONLY!! Is being STRESSED OUT just a phrase we toss around or is it literally killing us? After a relaxing holiday season (was it relaxing?) are you like many women entrepreneurs who are gearing up to hit the ground running in 2014?    Or… Read More

Happiness New Year 2014

Oprah Happy New Year 2014

Several months ago I was at the library taking a little time for myself, with one of my guilty pleasures, perusing an Oprah magazine.  It was an older one but I didn’t notice the date.  I found an article written by one of my favorites, Martha Beck, that I copied to share with you, my… Read More

New Years Resolutions Done Differently with EFT…

New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Done Differently with EFT What are YOUR new years resolutions this year?  Start that business you’ve always wanted to start, grow the business you’ve already started, make more money, get healthier, have better relationships, make a difference?   All worthy goals for a bright and shiny new year…  However, research shows that up… Read More

What EFT is Doing to Help Heal Newtown, CT

Remember the victims of Sandy Hook

As I was about to post something in honor of the one year anniversary of the Newtown,CT tragedy I found this in my inbox from Nick Ortner of Tapping Solution, documentary and best selling book and the Tapping World Summits who lives there and he says it better than I.  My heart goes out to… Read More

[YSL News 12-12-13] DE-STRESS Your December Special/Clear Self Sabotage in 2014


Are You Sabotaging Yourself & You Aren’t Even Conscious of It? Do you know what’s keeping you stuck  and stopping you from moving forward and living your strongest life?  Do you dream of being a successful woman entrepreneur and creating the definition of “success” that is most authentic for you -making “THE” unique difference you… Read More